Why is belly fat dangerous?

The article was written by MSc. Specialist II Pham Tuyet Trinh - Head of Inpatient Unit, Cardiology Center - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.

Researchers have shown that the amount of fat located deep in the abdominal cavity (abdominal fat) can be linked to more serious health problems than your weight. But you also don't need any special diet to treat this condition, just maintain healthy habits.

1. What is belly fat?

We should know the reality of belly fat, it's not just the layer of fat just under the skin that you can pick up to see how thick it is. Visceral fat is the name for the type of fat deep in the abdomen, it clings to the intestines, liver, stomach, it can even line the inside of arteries and is a risk to your health.

2. What are the risk factors for health?

These factors are not just statistics, studies show that the amount of fat located deep in your belly is a good measure of whether you are at risk of serious health problems, more including body weight (or BMI - body mass index).
Belly fat not only makes it difficult for you to wear jeans because it's too tight, but many studies have proven it also makes you more susceptible to diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver, cardiovascular disease, blood fat, cancer. breast , pancreatitis ...
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3. What does Waist measurement mean?

You can't tell your belly fat from your waist measurement, because subcutaneous fat is only part of your waistline, but this number can provide some hints about the underlying health problems associated with it. regarding belly fat. For women, when the waist is over 35 inches (equivalent to 90cm), men over 45 inches (equivalent to 114.5cm) are called alarm threshold

4. Exercise and diet help reduce belly fat

4.1 About exercise The good news is that to lose visceral fat is very simple: you should exercise every day. You should walk briskly for about 1 hour/day, maybe jog on a treadmill (treadmill) with a certain slope that is acceptable to you to increase your metabolism to help burn belly fat. If your job requires a lot of sitting, you should alarm by phone or equivalent to remind you periodically every 30 minutes: get up, leave your desk, do some movement such as: stand up, sit down (squats) for 5-7 minutes; and can treat these moments as your work.
4.2 What exercises are considered necessary to reduce belly fat? Do you think you need to move your arms and legs? Any movement or exercise is beneficial. Even if you shake your feet in rhythm, might people think you're a bit hyperactive like nervous? That's okay, movement is not only exercise, building muscle and endurance but also natural movements, all of which burn calories.
So if once you get people thinking you're stressed, you tell them I'm working to burn calories, lose belly fat.
4.3 How about diet to lose visceral fat? Apple Cider Vinegar Doesn't Help! Apple cider vinegar is made from fermented mashed apples, very delicious, has many very good uses for health. Animal studies show that apple cider vinegar has the hope of burning visceral fat. But there are no studies that scientifically prove this effect in humans. Therefore, if only using apple cider vinegar for the purpose of reducing visceral fat is not effective. Don't blame the beer: beer is often referred to as a "beer belly", but many studies show that beer has a more complicated effect, fizzy drinks are often high in calories, so they make you gain weight. weight, but it's unlikely to increase visceral fat. In addition, there are many other culprits such as soda and other sugary drinks that also cause weight gain. Many studies have proven that sugar can increase belly fat. Replace soda with green tea: Reduce belly fat, need to choose a smart and reasonable diet that is: lots of vegetables, less snacks; Instead of soda, consider drinking green tea. Some studies have suggested that green tea contains catechins that may help with antioxidants and help burn belly fat. These suggestions are pending results, but are also interesting suggestions. Use green tea mixed with a little honey to help you feel refreshed without fear of weight gain. The Facts About Fish Oil: Fish oil has long been considered a heart-healthy supplement. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a drug derived from fish oil that works to control triglycerides (a type of triglyceride) in the blood, but burns belly fat. not much. A study of overweight men who took fish oil also found no difference in belly fat compared to those who did not.
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5. Fat your belly and bones

It was previously believed that the more weight you gain, the stronger your bones and protects you from fractures. But a study in obese men showed that the more obese the person, the weaker the bones. Another study in postmenopausal women also found that those with more belly fat had lower bone density. This is a warning sign of osteoporosis.
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Source: Sabrina Felson, MD May 18, 2020; why Belly fat is so dengerous , Webmd.com

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