What do depression tests mean?

The depression testing methods used by mental health professionals are meaningful in assessing the severity and treatment of the illness. Some tests may sound unrelated, but need to be done to rule out physical factors
If you are concerned about your own depression, consult for an evaluation. assessment, mental health check from medical professionals. However, not all types of tests that doctors offer are aimed at assessing depression. Either of these tests can be used to rule out conditions with symptoms similar to depression.
In the vast majority of cases, the doctor will conduct a physical examination of the patient and recommend some specific laboratory tests to ensure that the symptoms present in them are not related to other diseases. hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, etc. Treatment can help relieve some of the patient's depression if the symptoms stem from a serious medical condition.

1. Diagnosis of depression and medical examination from a doctor

The purpose of the physical examination is to determine the cause of the patient's depression. During the procedure, the doctor will usually focus primarily on the nervous and endocrine systems by identifying any causes that contribute to the worsening of the patient's mental health. For example, hypothyroidism (caused by an underactive thyroid gland) is one of the conditions most strongly linked to depression. Other endocrine system disorders can lead to severe or mild depression for patients such as hyperthyroidism, Cushing's adrenal disorder.

2. The diagnosis of depression and laboratory tests

Usually, the diagnosis of depression in the patient will be done quickly by the doctor by asking specific questions and conducting a physical examination. However, in certain cases it becomes more difficult to determine the cause of depression, and the doctor may recommend some form of experimental testing for the patient. The most common is a blood test to check for deficiencies in the levels of red blood cells or hemoglobin, hormones, calcium, and vitamin D in the body.
Test trầm cảm có ý nghĩa đánh giá mức độ và cách điều trị bệnh
Test trầm cảm có ý nghĩa đánh giá mức độ và cách điều trị bệnh

3. The diagnosis of depression and some other testing methods

In addition to conducting blood tests for patients to evaluate electrolyte levels, liver and kidney function and toxin content, other testing methods include:
CT scan or brain magnetic resonance to determine serious diseases such as brain tumours. An electrocardiogram to diagnose heart problems. EEG measurement to see the activity status of brain nerve impulses.

4. Depression tests to assess severity

After receiving information about the psychological state and the impact it has on life, the doctor may use specific questions to consider the presence of a depressive disorder. Note that the fact that doctors give depression tests is only part of the diagnostic process with the aim of clearly determining the patient's mental state, making the results more accurate.
An example of the above test is an assessment using a two-part questionnaire with high confidence. When performing this form of assessment, the doctor will ask the patient two main questions:
During the past month, have you felt depressed, sad, or hopeless? During the past month, have you enjoyed what you do? Based on the answers, the doctor will be able to determine the course of treatment for the patient. In addition, some additional questions will be asked by the doctor to help strengthen the diagnosis. In cases where the patient's responses have no connection to depression, the physician may need to re-examine the symptoms. Studies have shown that applying the above two questions to the examination will be an effective way, helping doctors quickly find the cause of depression.
There are different types of assessment questionnaires and scales that doctors can use to determine the presence and severity of depression. Includes:
Patient Health Questionnaire (including 9 questions). This questionnaire will help the physician assess the severity of the depression's impact on the patient. Beck Depression Inventory self-assessment table (including 21 questions). This self-assessment also helps assess the severity of symptoms caused by depression as well as their impact on depression.

5. What do depression tests mean?

When suffering from depression, the above tests have the following meanings:
For the Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale: A system of self-assessment statements of depression by the patient. with a range of severity from normal to severe. Center for Epidemiologic Studies: This scale allows patients to self-assess their mental state and attitude within the past seven days. Hamilton Depression Self-Assessment (HRSD): This depression test is a system of questions that helps doctors assess the impact of the disease on the patient. Patients may feel uncomfortable sharing private information with these types of depression tests. However, patients should strive to complete the reviews as honestly as possible, as this will help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis and recommend the most effective course of treatment.
Nếu bạn đang quan ngại về việc bản thân mắc phải bệnh trầm cảm thì hãy tham gia test trầm cảm
Tham gia test trầm cảm nếu bạn đang quan ngại về việc bản thân mắc phải bệnh trầm cảm

6. What if you are suffering from depression?

Depression is completely treatable. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis of depression can help patients start a good treatment process and be the first step towards a healthy life with fewer psychological barriers.
Once diagnosed with depression, the patient needs to follow the therapy instructions from the doctor to help the condition go into remission. The importance of using drugs as prescribed is also recommended by the medical community. Patients should also make positive lifestyle changes and seek advice from a psychotherapist if recommended by their doctor.
If you suspect yourself or a loved one has signs of depression, the patient needs help and advice from a doctor to get treatment, to avoid the bad consequences that the disease causes.
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