Drinking coconut water with betel leaves is not harmful?

Revolving around the story that drinking coconut water with betel leaves is harmful, there are not many problems that need to be answered. Fresh coconut water and betel leaves are familiar foods that have many uses for human health. However, is the combination of these two ingredients beneficial for health? Let's find out information through the content of the article below.

1. Drinking coconut water with betel leaves is not harmful?

Currently, whether drinking coconut water with betel leaves harmful is still being interested by many people and needs specific answers. According to research, drinking coconut water with betel leaf helps to effectively treat gout, improve sleep quality and bring a more comfortable feeling after drinking.
According to experts, the use of treating gout by drinking coconut water with betel leaves is completely scientifically based. Specifically:
Uses of betel leaves Currently, in Vietnam, there are 2 types of betel leaves, including betel nut (large glossy leaves) and betel nut (small leaves, spicy dark green). Betel nut belongs to the family Piperaceae, is an evergreen with climbing stems, glossy heart-shaped leaves and can live all year round. This plant grows mainly in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia,...
The betel leaf contains 2.4% essential oil and a variety of beneficial compounds. for health such as Chavibetol, Chavicol, Eugenol, Estragole,... This combination of substances acts as an anti-arthritis agent, helping to reduce nerve pain and help restore damaged joints.
In addition, betel leaves no longer help improve metabolic disorders in the body, help absorb vitamins and minerals better, and promote the elimination of toxic substances outside easily. Besides, betel leaves also quickly reduce excess acid and enhance the functioning of the stomach and esophagus sphincters, thereby effectively preventing gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Many people also use betel leaves to prevent dental diseases, treat coughs, increase excitement and support constipation quite effectively. Thanks to its good antibacterial and antifungal properties, betel leaves help relieve bronchitis, pneumonia, dissolve phlegm and improve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
For people with gout, you can drink coconut water with betel leaves to support the balance of uric acid metabolism, help soothe the damage and increase the process of eliminating urate crystals to the outside. Thanks to this use, the combination of betel leaf and coconut water can effectively reduce pain caused by gout.
Uses of coconut water Gout sufferers drink coconut water well is still a topic that receives a lot of attention. According to some recent studies, drinking coconut water with betel leaves helps to increase the anti-inflammatory and support treatment of gout very effectively. The reason why coconut water improves gout is due to the following properties:
Coconut water is considered a natural electrolyte, helping to balance metabolism and promote the body's metabolism. . Drinking coconut water helps increase HDL - a blood-vessel-friendly substance that helps clean up bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. Coconut water contains a significant amount of nutrients and components similar to human blood plasma, thus providing many benefits for heart health. Moreover, this drink also has very effective antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and antiviral effects. With these outstanding properties, drinking coconut water can reduce the formation of lactic acid in the body, and at the same time help improve kidney and urinary abnormalities. Therefore, when drinking coconut water with betel leaves, it is possible to turn this beverage into a soluble substance that coordinates therapy, supporting the extraction of active ingredients in betel leaves quickly. It can be seen that this combination is a great remedy to help control gout effectively.

2. How to cure gout by drinking coconut water with betel leaves

According to the above explanation, drinking coconut water with betel leaves is a remedy for gout with a scientific basis. To improve the uncomfortable symptoms caused by gout, you can apply the following recipe:
Prepare ingredients: Include a fresh Siamese coconut without flap, 100g of fresh betel leaves just fine, no too old or too young. How to do it: After washing fresh betel leaves, you should rinse them with salt and cut them into small pieces or grind them to help the amount of essential oil secrete more, easier to dissolve in coconut water. Next, bevel the lid of the coconut shell and put the crushed / chopped betel leaves in it and soak it for 30 minutes. Chop the resulting mixture into a bowl / cup, discard the residue and drink it immediately at the time of waking up and having not eaten breakfast for the best absorption of the essence into the body. In order to achieve the optimal gout treatment effect, you should drink coconut water with betel leaves with a frequency of 1 time / day, use continuously for a month.

3. What should be noted when treating gout with betel nut and coconut water?

In the process of treating gout by drinking coconut water with betel leaves, the patient should note the following issues:
Only apply this remedy in the early morning before eating to help the body. best absorption of active ingredients. Should drink at least 1 hour before breakfast to ensure the essence is completely absorbed into the body, not wasted. Continuous use of this remedy after a week, patients will notice positive signs of change. However, if you stop using it, the gout treatment effect of coconut water combined with betel leaves will disappear. Applying the remedy properly, at the right dose, avoiding too much betel leaf is not easy to cause bad health problems. During the treatment of gout with this remedy, the patient should limit drinking coffee, alcohol, tobacco as well as other stimulants. Similar to other folk remedies, the treatment of gout by drinking coconut water with betel leaves only has a supportive effect in the treatment process. Effectiveness is achieved or not depends largely on the patient's persistence, location as well as the serious attitude of the patient in treatment.
Besides, Eastern medicine always gives slower effect than using Western medicine. Therefore, you should not be too confident that the remedy of coconut water combined with betel leaf can completely cure gout. According to research, this remedy only works to improve the symptoms of inflammation and pain caused by gout. Therefore, you should discuss carefully with your doctor about whether to use this remedy with Western medicine or not.
In addition to drinking coconut water with betel leaves to support gout, patients should also adhere to a diet low in fish and meat, limited in protein and fast-growing vegetables. Ideally, people with gout should eat a lot of green vegetables, find alternative sources of protein and maintain a regular exercise regimen to improve health.
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