Pharmacy Department - Vinmec Times City International Hospital


Name: Pharmacy Department - Vinmec Times City InternationalHospital

Date of establishment: 07/01/2011

Scope of operation: Clinical and subclinical blocks throughout the hospital

Professional achievements in 2018:

  • Implement clinical pharmacy according to the Australian standard model.

  • Specialized drug consultation service at the pharmacy.

  • Preparation of cytotoxic drugs for Oncology Department, preparation of sterile solutions for intravenous nutrition, preparation. Medicines in convenient form for children according to the doctor's prescription.

  • Organize the 1st Vinmec Clinical Pharmacology conference in 2018, which is planned to be held annually.

  • Participating in reports at Clinical Pharmacy Conferences, Pharmaceutical Scientific Conferences at home and abroad.

Location of the department at the hospital:

  • Dispensing Pharmacy Warehouse: Basement B1

  • Pharmacy: 1st floor and 3rd floor

  • Faculty of Pharmacy Administration: 1st floor.

  • Pharmacies at Royal city, Gardenia, Metropolis clinics

Our Doctors


Clinical pharmacy:

  • Copyrighted drug information lookup software Update
  • HP-Elite tablet for mobile inpatient medical assessment on hospital campus

Warehouse - Pharmacy:

  • Modern Flowsell shelving system, supporting standard arrangement and preservation of medicines.
  • Cold storage to improve the ability to store drugs and vaccines for cold storage
  • Automatic temperature monitoring system
  • Pneumatic system supports rapid drug delivery


  • Iso lator cabinet for preparing cytotoxic drugs
  • Hood cabinet for preparing toxic chemicals
  • PCR sterilization cabinet for preparing sterile preparations.
  • Forced convection oven for drying and sterilizing preparation tools
  • Pass Box system to move ingredients in and out of clean areas
  • The HEPA air filter system ensures a clean and sterile environment in preparation
Specialities (1)


  • Clinical pharmacy work:
  • Evaluation of inpatient drug orders Information
  • Evaluation of drugs in the hospital
  • Communicate with doctors, join the multidisciplinary care team
  • Interview history of hospital use
  • Discharge consultation
  • Program on management and use of antibiotics
  • Monitor drug levels in the blood
  • Management of drug use in patients before surgery
  • The focal point for management and distribution of warning cards for adverse drug effects (ADRs)
  • Coordinate monitoring of medication error management (ME)
  • Supply of drugs and chemicals for treatment
  • Planning and supplying drugs and chemicals in sufficient quantity and quality to meet the requirements of diagnosis, treatment and other medical treatment requirements.
  • Time of dispensing drugs - chemicals inpatient: 24/7
  • Preparation:
  • Parenteral nutrition solution for infants and children
  • Cytotoxic solution for cancer patients.
  • Prepare according to the doctor's prescription (syrup).
  • Some other chemicals.
  • Drugstore:
  • Selling and consulting outpatient drugs.
  • Provide instructions to monitor the effectiveness, side effects of drugs, provide medication administration and reasonable daily time to take medicine for patients.
  • Drug sales hours: 24/7
  • Major:
  • Supervise pharmacy work at the hospital to ensure compliance with management regulations of the State and JCI.
  • Pharmaceutical management coordination.
  • The focal point to manage the list of insurance drugs at the hospital.
  • Scientific research and training: is the practice base of universities, colleges and high schools in pharmacy.
  • Responsible for training the Regulations/Work Instructions/Practice of pharmacy expertise for doctors/nursing.
  • Attend consultations when required
  • The focal point for organizing and implementing activities of the Drug and Treatment Council.
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