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The Pharmacy Department of Vinmec Central Park International Hospital was established at the end of 2015 along with the establishment and development of the Hospital. The Faculty owns a team of Pharmacists with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from well-known domestic and foreign universities along with modern equipment. Thus, the Pharmacy Department of Vinmec Central Park General Hospital ensures a full and timely supply of high-quality and safe medicines, prioritizing the use of genuine drug sources, and providing dedicated information on drug use to each patient.

The Department of Pharmacy includes the Faculty of Inpatient Pharmacy and Pharmacy. With the electronic medical record system (Electronic health records EHR), prescription drugs are transferred directly to the pharmacist by the software for evaluation and preparation of drugs for each patient according to each specific dose, enhancing accuracy and safe use of drugs for patients.

Customers can also easily access the Hospital Pharmacy to buy drugs according to the prescriptions of doctors inside and outside the hospital, over-the-counter drugs or dietary supplements, as well as other medical supplies and goods.

In 2017, the Drug Use Management Program of the Faculty of Pharmacy was highly appreciated by JCI appraisers.

In 2018, the Department of Pharmacy was honored by the Ho Chi Minh City People's Hospital Association as one of the 10 pharmacy departments with outstanding activities and achievements in the fields of hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy.

Many Pharmacists were awarded certificates of merit from the company as advanced managers or advanced employees.

Location of the department at the hospital:

  • The Faculty of Pharmacy is mainly located in basement B1.
  • The pharmacy is located in the hospital lobby, next to the Fresh Garden restaurant. The pharmacy has 2 entrances including from the main hall and from the direct entrance from the outside.

Work time:

  • The Faculty of Pharmacy operates 24 hours a day.
  • The pharmacy operates according to the Outpatient Department: From Monday to Saturday: 7:30-18:00, Sunday and public holiday: Closed
Our Doctors
  •  Esco aseptic dispensing cabinets use ULPA filters with efficiency up to 99.999% of standard particles 0.1 to 0.3 micrometers, providing ISO Class 3 air, ensuring a safe and clean environment for pharmaceutical preparation according to USP 797 and 800 standards
  • PCR cabinet with high quality polyester pre-filter, HEPA main filter with UV lamp and vertical air flow for better protection against cross-contamination and sample protection.
  • Pneumatic drug delivery system
  • Flowsell racking system imported from Australia
  • Panasonic's dedicated refrigerator system for cold storing drugs and vaccines has automatic thermometers, logtags, sensor for temperature monitoring and automatic alarm, as well as connection to the technical department, to ensure maintain standard storage conditions from 2 to 8 degrees C
  • Central air conditioning system and dehumidifier operate 24/24 to ensure drug storage conditions are always ≤ 25 degrees Celsius and humidity ≤ 75%.
Specialities (1)
  • Supply, storage and dispensing, consulting on drug use
  • Clinical pharmacy activities at the ward, enhancing the quality and safety when using drugs to treat patients
  • Aseptic preparation of anti-cancer drugs and parenteral nutrition solutions
  • Training and scientific research
  • Going to the clinic and working at the clinical department every day, participating in team care with doctors and nurses
  • Interview the patient's medication history and conduct medication management
  • Evaluate drug orders before drugs are prepared, dispensed and used, detect problems if any for timely intervention before drugs are dispensed
  • Implement a program to manage antibiotic use, coordinate with microbiologists, infectious diseases doctors, treating doctors to ensure antibiotics are used as prescribed with appropriate treatment duration.
  • Monitoring and monitoring the concentration of drugs with narrow therapeutic limits, adjusting drug doses according to the patient's liver and kidney function
  • Closely monitor adverse drug reactions, focusing on cancer chemotherapy drugs as well as anticoagulants drugs
  • Counseling on the use of drugs for each patient after discharge from hospital 
  • The Clinical Pharmacy Department is responsible for providing drug information to medical staff (including doctors, nurses and pharmacists).
  • The information provided is based on scientific evidence from highly reliable domestic and foreign sources, recommendations from American and European associations, reputable medical journals, etc. Pharmaceutical industry can be mentioned as Uptodate, Micromedex, AMH, BNF, National Pharmacopeia
  • If the patient has a need for drug information, please first find out information from the drug information leaflet
  • In addition, patients can contact the hospital hotline and meet with a clinical pharmacist to exchange information if it is during office hours. In case outside office hours, the patient can leave a message with the hospital switchboard and the pharmacist will contact as soon as possible, depending on the urgency of the information.
  • Provide drugs for inpatients and outpatients for the whole hospital. Pharmacists always check the validity of prescriptions before dispensing
  • Dispensing and advising on drug use for each patient, exchanging information to ensure that patients understand and use drugs safely, according to the doctor's prescription or the pharmacist's instructions
  • All patients were prescribed medication to be discharged from the hospital and advised by a clinical pharmacist to ensure continuity in treatment, helping patients understand the purpose and side effects of taking the drug.
  • The Pharmaceutical Dispensing Team executes sterile preparation orders such as chemotherapy drugs, immunotherapy in cancer treatment, parenteral nutrition solutions to meet the specific needs of each patient.
  • Aseptic preparation products are made in a special environment to limit the possibility of bacterial contamination during the preparation process.
  • The preparation environment is strictly controlled with factors of dust, microbiology, water quality. The HEPA filter system is replaced and checked periodically.
  • Dispensing pharmacists receive continuous training and live dispensing monitoring via cameras and walkie-talkie systems to help ensure safe dispensing.
  • Training is important, fostering the development and knowledge of employees and prospective pharmacists. Pharmacists receive continuous training in professional knowledge according to the program developed at the faculty or concentrated training from the Vinmec Pharmacy chain.
  • In addition, clinical pharmacists can participate in short-term training courses of domestic and foreign experts, and are sent by the hospital to study short-term training courses in Australia.
  • Since 2017, the Faculty of Pharmacy has cooperated with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, to receive training in clinical pharmacy practice at the hospital for the University's Clinical Pharmacy students as well as for international students.
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