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The Respiratory - Allergy and Clinical Immunology Unit at Vinmec Times City International Hospital was established and expanded with the desire to provide professional services with high expertise for the examination and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, allergy and autoimmune diseases.

The unit brings together professors, doctors and specialists with more than 30 years of experience, well-trained young doctors in advanced countries who are always ready to treat and take care of patients. More over, the Unit is equipped with the most modern equipment and machinery in Vietnam to support the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

In particular, for patients with bronchial asthma, patients are measured with FeNO to support early diagnosis of asthma, especially in children. This is an effective monitoring tool for asthma management, treatment, and prognosis of acute asthma attacks (only addressed in the North of Vietnam). In addition, with the desire to work with you to control asthma, the Asthma Club is opened regularly to supplement knowledge, help patients exchange knowledge with leading experts in Vietnam and the world about asthma. asthma. Currently, the Unit has professional cooperation and scientific research with hospitals and universities in Australia, the United States and France.

The Respiratory - Allergy Clinical Immunology Unit is currently becoming a reliable examination address for many customers because when they come to the clinic, the patient will be examined and thoroughly consulted by the doctor about the disease and treatment plan. Patients are also provided with comprehensive supplemental information about the disease

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The unit is equipped with the leading modern equipment and machinery in Vietnam, supporting the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as:

  • Sleep polysomnography system
  • System to probe respiratory function, probe for changes in body gas volume (spirometry), dual diffusion (DLCO), measure FeNO levels to assess airway inflammation
  • Euroimmune allergy and immunological testing system according to European standards.
  • Diagnosing and treating drug allergies and needing to choose safe drugs such as antibiotics, anesthetize, anesthesia, contrast agents will be consulted and supported with necessary and convenient services for the patient.
  • Respiratory diseases include: pneumonia, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, unexplained persistent cough, sleep disorders such as sleep apnea syndrome, pulmonary tuberculosis, pulmonary fungus, bronchoscopy diagnose,…
  • Autoimmune diseases such as: Lupus erythematosus, scleroderma, autoimmune myositis, mixed connective tissue disease, Sjogren's, antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) and other uncommon autoimmune diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases such as: acute and chronic urticaria, bronchial asthma, drug allergy, milk allergy, food allergy, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, dermatomyositis atopic, contact dermatitis
  • Methacholin stimulation test for early diagnosis of bronchial asthma. Implement genetic screening to prevent the risk of drug allergies typical of Vietnamese people.
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