Precautions when using Domever 25mg

Domever 25mg belongs to the group of diuretics. So what is Domever 25mg? Continue reading the article below to help you get more information about the uses, dosage and precautions when using Domever 25mg.

1. What is Domever 25mg?

Domever 25mg has the main ingredient is Spironolactone, is made in the form of tablets and packed in a box of 2 blisters x 10 tablets. So what does Domever 25mg do?
Domever 25mg is usually indicated for use in the following cases:
Treatment of congestive heart failure; Treatment of cirrhosis ascites and edema; Treatment of malignant ascites; Treatment of nephrotic syndrome; Effective in the diagnosis and treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism.

2. Dosage and how to use Domever 25mg

Dosage of Domever 25mg:
For adults treating edema due to congestive heart failure: The starting dose is 100mg/day, taken once or divided into small doses. Dosage ranges from 25mg to 200mg/day. Maintenance dose is adjusted according to each patient; For adults with severe heart failure (Grade III, IV): A dose of 25 mg once daily should be initiated, in combination with standard therapy in cases where serum potassium is less than or equal to 5.0 mEg/l. and serum creatinine less than or equal to 2.5 mg/dl. When clinically indicated, patients who tolerate a dose of 25 mg once daily may be titrated up to 50 mg once daily. Patients who do not tolerate 25 mg once daily can be reduced to 25 mg and taken every other day; For adults treating cirrhosis ascites and edema: If the urinary Na+/K+ ratio is greater than 1.0, the oral dose is 100mg/day. If this ratio is less than 1.0, the oral dose is 200mg - 400mg/day. Maintenance dose is adjusted according to each patient; For adults treating malignant ascites: Usually the starting dose is 100-200mg/day. In severe disease, the dose may be increased to 400 mg/day. If the edema is well controlled, the maintenance dose will be adjusted according to the individual patient; For adults treating nephrotic syndrome: Usually the dose is 100-200mg/day and when only glucocorticoid is not effective, spironolactone will be added; For adults who need diagnosis and treatment of primary hyperaldosteronism: For long-term trial: Oral Spironolactone at a dose of 400mg/day for 3-4 weeks. The diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism will be based on the correction of hypokalemia and hypertension provided as evidence; With a short trial: Take Spironolacton at a dose of 400mg/day, for 4 days. The diagnosis of primary hyperaldosteronism should be considered when serum potassium increases during spironolactone administration but decreases when spironolactone is discontinued. Elderly: The starting dose is usually the lowest dose and is gradually increased as required to achieve maximum therapeutic benefit. Care should be taken in patients with severe hepatic and renal impairment, as it may alter the metabolism and elimination of the drug; For children: The recommended starting dose is 1-3mg/kg/day and divided into several doses. The dose should be adjusted based on the child's response and tolerability. For this population, the specific dose of the drug must be controlled by the pediatrician. How to use Domever 25mg:
Domever 25mg is taken orally once a day with meals.

3. Note when using Domever 25mg

Contraindications to using Domever 25mg:
Do not use the drug in patients with acute renal failure, anuria, severe kidney damage; Do not use the drug with people with hyperkalemia, children with moderate and severe renal failure; Do not use the drug with people with Addison's disease; Do not use concurrently with Eplerenone or potassium-sparing diuretics; Do not use the drug in people who are sensitive to any of its ingredients. Side effects of the drug Domever 25mg :
Men can have gynecomastia but very rarely; Effects on the whole body: Fatigue feeling; Effects on the digestive system: Nausea, digestive disorders; Effects on hepatobiliary: Abnormal liver function; Effects on the nervous system: Dizziness; Reproductive effects: Menstrual disorders, breast pain; Effects on blood and lymph: Decrease in white blood cells, platelets; Effects on skeletal muscles: Cramps; Psychiatric effects: Confusion, changes in libido; Effects on metabolism: Hyperkalemia, electrolyte disturbances; Effects on skin and subcutaneous tissue: Stevens-Johnson syndrome, drug rash syndrome, alopecia, hirsutism, urticaria, rash...; If a patient experiences any side effects that affect their health during the course of treatment, they should immediately notify a specialist doctor or pharmacist for timely treatment.
Be careful when using Domever 25mg:
During the use of the drug, it is necessary to monitor water and electrolytes regularly, especially in the elderly, patients with renal failure, severe liver failure; Discontinue use if hyperkalemia develops and take supportive measures to lower serum potassium levels to normal; During the use of Domever 25mg, you should not eat a high potassium diet or use drugs that can increase blood potassium such as potassium-sparing drugs, ACE inhibitors, NSAIDs, Heparin...; Patients with heart failure, kidney failure need to monitor blood potassium and urea levels regularly; If the serum potassium concentration is greater than 5mEq/l or the creatinine is greater than 4mg/dl, the drug should be discontinued or temporarily discontinued; Children with mild renal impairment with hypertension should be cautious when using the drug because of the possibility of causing hyperkalemia; Pregnant women who want to use the drug should carefully weigh the benefits and risks, consult a doctor before using; Women who are breast-feeding: Need to consult a doctor before using the drug; Because of the side effects of fatigue and dizziness, the drug affects the ability to drive and use machines. The article provided information about what Domever 25mg is. To ensure safety for your health and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment, you need to take Domever 25mg exactly as directed by your doctor.

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