Learn about Bartholin's gland cyst removal technique

Bartholin's gland cyst is a gynecological disease in women of reproductive age. The treatment of Bartholin's cyst is relatively simple, but if the patient is not treated, it will cause a lot of effects in daily life.

1. Where is the Bartholin gland located?

Bartholin's gland is a gland in the external genitalia, located under the skin inside the vagina, very small in size, so it is difficult to see when the gland is normal. The gland is spherical in shape, 1 cm in diameter, and is composed of columnar cells that secrete mucus. The Bartholin's glands secrete mucus into the labia minora that surrounds the vagina, keeping the area moist and lubricated during intercourse.

2. What is a Bartholin's gland cyst?

Bartholin's gland cyst is a cystic lesion with a size of 1.5 - 3cm, most commonly in the vulva area. The gland cyst forms due to the ductal obstruction, while the gland continues to secrete mucus, forming a thin-walled cyst. The causes of ductal obstruction may be due to infection and edema that compress the duct, or by trauma or chronic infection that obstructs the orifice of the duct.
Nang tuyến Bartholin
Vị trí nang tuyến Bartholin

3. Treatment of Bartholin's gland cyst

Bartholin gland cysts are usually only on one side of the vulva and do not show any symptoms, so without treatment, Bartholin cysts can disappear on their own. Treatment of Bartholin's cyst is indicated in cases where the cyst has increased in size, sometimes 5-10cm or is infected and causes pain in the vulva area.
Bartholin gland cyst removal is a procedure applied in the treatment of Bartholin gland inflammation with or without fistula, Bartholin gland cyst. This surgery is contraindicated in patients with Bartholin's gland cysts in the inflammatory stage (swelling, heat, redness, pain).

Bartholin gland cyst removal is carried out as follows:
Stage 1: Incision of the skin Stage 2: Dissection of the gland: The upper outer margin of the gland is often sticky, so it is more difficult to dissect than the inner submucosa. The gland was dissected very carefully to avoid rupture of the inflammatory mass or purulent drainage. Then 3: Stop the bleeding. Then 4: Suture the mucosa
Bóc nang tuyến Bartholin
Bóc nang tuyến Bartholin

After surgery to remove the Bartholin gland cyst, the patient is prescribed to use antibiotics for at least 5 days after the procedure, clean the perineum with betadine solution or other antiseptic solutions, monitor the risk of accumulation of bleeding after the procedure and the risk of infection.
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