Things to note, PET/CT scanning procedure at Vinmec Times City International Hospital

The article was written by MSc Dinh Van Thuyet - In charge of Nuclear Medicine Unit, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.

PET/CT scan, also known as positron emission tomography, is one of the new inventions of modern medicine with high technology, having special value in evaluating biological functions of some organs. organs in the human body and help diagnose cancer, neurological or cardiovascular diseases...

1. What is a PET/CT scan?

PET/CT scan is a method to simultaneously provide clear anatomical images of CT and images of early functional lesions at the molecular and cellular levels of PET, helping to assess the biological function of some internal organs in the human body to diagnose cancer, cardiovascular or neurological diseases ... at an early stage.
In the world, although PET/CT has only been applied to diagnose diseases in the past few decades, thanks to its outstanding features, PET/CT has quickly become very popular all over the world. According to statistics, every year the number of PET/CT scans increases sharply, with more than 90% of PET/CT scans for cancer diagnosis.
In Vietnam, PET/CT scanning technique has only been applied in the past 10 years in large public hospitals with modern facilities. Vinmec International General Hospital is the first private hospital to deploy modern and accurate PET/CT imaging techniques for disease diagnosis.

2. Notes on PET/CT

Nhịn ăn
Người bệnh cần nhịn ăn trước khi chụp 6 tiếng trước khi chụp PET/CT

To get accurate results, there are notes when taking PET/CT that any patient needs to know:
2.1 Notes before PET/CT PET/CT scan includes:
Patients need to bring medical records, X-ray films, CT scans, ultrasound and blood tests (if any).... Should wear loose, comfortable and special clothes. Especially not wearing jewelry. You must fast for 6 hours before taking the photo. You can drink water but especially need to stay away from water containing caffeine and sugar. Do not smoke on the day of the PET/CT scan and do not change any medications you are taking. If the patient has diabetes, it is necessary to stabilize the blood sugar to normal before the scan. The patient needs to rest before the PET/CT scan and should be accompanied by a family member during the scan. 2.2 Notes when the PET/CT scan ends. After the PET/CT scan, the patient will not have any discomfort because there are no side effects after injecting radioactive drugs.
The patient should drink plenty of water a few hours after the scan and there is no need to limit exercise after the scan.
It is necessary to avoid contact with pregnant women and children for 24 hours after the PET/CT scan.

3. PET/CT procedure at Vinmec

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Người bệnh cần điền đầy đủ thông tin cá nhân vào hồ sơ chụp sau đó được nghe tư vấn, giải thích về phương pháp và quy trình chụp PET/CT

The PET/CT scan process will go through the following steps:
Step 1: The patient fills in personal information in the scan profile, then listens to advice and explanations about the PET/CT scan method and process. .
Have blood sugar checked right before the scan Have kidney function checked if the patient has an indication to use contrast. Step 2: The medical staff will place an intravenous line and inject the radioactive drug FDG. After the injection, the patient will rest for 45-60 minutes. Patients need to urinate before entering the imaging room.
Step 3: The shooting process will take about 30 minutes.
Step 4: After the PET/CT scan is completed, the patient will rest in a separate monitoring room, the doctor will check the images taken, make sure the patient meets the requirements, then the patient can go home.
Step 5: The obtained PET/CT images will be transferred to a computer with software for processing and analyzing PET/CT images. Then, the nuclear medicine doctor analyzes and evaluates the results. Patients will receive results within 24 hours.
Currently, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital has become a leading prestigious address in disease screening using modern techniques, proud to be the first private hospital in Vietnam to deploy modern and accurate diagnostic techniques with the most modern 128-sequence PET/CT system in Southeast Asia, for accurate images and short scan time, a team of doctors who are leading experts with high expertise, Experience in creating trust for customers when experiencing medical examination and treatment services at Vinmec.
Customers can go directly to Vinmec Times City to visit or contact hotline 0243 9743 556 for support.

Meaning of PET/CT scan Vinmec owns the most modern 128-sequence PET/CT system in Southeast Asia, for accurate images, short PET/CT scan time for early detection and support How does cancer treatment help?

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