How is urinary incontinence after birth treated?

Yes, hello doctor! I just gave birth to my second baby 14 months ago, recently I often play volleyball, every time I jump up to hit the ball, I have urinary incontinence. Sometimes when you laugh or sneeze, you will also leak urine. I want to ask the doctor, how to treat urinary incontinence after giving birth?
Dao Thi Anh Nhi (1992)
Hello. Urinary incontinence is common in women after childbirth due to pelvic floor dysfunction, depending on the degree, it can be used in combination with exercises or surgery. Therefore, you should visit a urologist to examine and advise on treatment methods. You can go to the hospitals of Vinmec Health System for more advice.
Hope the doctor's advice helps you to know more about how to treat urinary incontinence after giving birth? Thank you for trusting Vinmec. Looking forward to meeting you for more specific advice!
Answered by Doctor of General Surgery - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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