What is Quantitative Liver Ultrasound?

Patients with cirrhosis, if not detected and treated in time, not only affect their health but also endanger their lives. Currently, medicine is increasingly developing, creating many ways to detect disease early, one of the most effective is "quantitative liver ultrasound".

1. What is Quantitative Liver Ultrasound?

Quantitative liver ultrasound is the most modern and accurate method today to identify liver diseases, especially cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. This method can evaluate the elasticity of the liver as well as the stiffness of the liver tissue. This is an important factor in determining the degree of fibrosis to help doctors know the stage of the disease.
The advantages of quantitative liver ultrasound are:
High accuracy, safe and painless for patients Can be integrated into conventional ultrasound machines, saving costs as well as general testing The liver has just measured the fibrosis, does not miss all liver damage. The test site can be selected to avoid sensitive areas, is less invasive. Can be used by all patients, including obese people, people with a lot of fluid in the abdomen, ... or people with narrow abdominal cavity This method is very time-saving because of the simple test process and quick results. Quantitative liver ultrasound machine will have enough test parameters to distinguish malignant tumors.
máy siêu âm định lượng gan
Máy siêu âm định lượng gan giúp xác định chính xác các bệnh lý về gan mà không gây đau đớn

2. What are the symptoms of cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is a dangerous disease, but if detected in time and treated properly, it can help patients recover completely. So some common symptoms of cirrhosis include:
Fatigue, picky eating Jaundice, dark skin Mental fatigue, or sleepiness Blood sugar spikes and falls erratically Inflammation, itching, high fever, Peritonitis Red, varicose veins appear on the chest, back, upper arms, or neck. Cirrhosis is a difficult disease to treat, but it is quite easy to prevent if the causes of the disease can be minimized, such as being fully vaccinated and having a healthy diet. The underlying causes can lead to cirrhosis such as:
Viral infections such as hepatitis A, B... Using stimulants, especially alcohol, causes the liver to work too hard to be severely damaged, unable to excrete substances. toxicity leading to hepatotoxicity Genetics or chemical toxicity People who are poisoned by other medicines or exposed to toxic chemicals for too long Some cases of liver toxicity such as iron in foods products, destroy liver tissue causing serious diseases such as cirrhosis, liver dysfunction,... Due to parasitic infections such as malaria parasites, liver flukes, ... causing liver cell damage Deficiency When the patient does not provide enough nutrients for the body, the liver cells will become weak, unable to work to eliminate toxins, leading to thinner cells.

3. What are the stages of cirrhosis?

The stages of cirrhosis can be divided into:
3.1 Stage One This stage of the liver has not shown any signs of damage, but in fact this is when the liver begins to become inflamed, the liver cells appear small lesions. At this time, the patient may have signs of fatigue and lack of energy, but for people in good health, there are almost no signs.
This is a very important period for quantitative ultrasound of the liver because if treated properly, the liver can return to normal.
3.2 Stage two This can be called the fibrosis stage of the liver, the fibrosis tissue appears more than the first stage, forming scar tissue, causing liver function to decline.
At this stage, if the patient can have a quantitative liver ultrasound in time, there may still be a chance for a cure when there is a method to eliminate the cause of the disease.
phát hiện xơ gan
Siêu âm gan và phát hiện kịp thời thì vẫn có thể điều trị khỏi khi bệnh nhân ở giai đoạn hai

3.3 Stage three At this stage, the amount of fluid in the abdomen increases rapidly, signaling that the liver has become very cirrhotic. At this point, the liver can hardly return to normal anymore, only a liver transplant to cure the disease.
Symptoms of the disease are also more serious such as the appearance of ascites, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, easy edema, ... causing liver dysfunction.
3.4 Stage four Stepping to this stage means that fibrosis has completely spread to the liver. At this time, the liver can no longer be cured even if a suitable liver is found for transplantation.
The patient's life time is only about 12 months. By this time, it is not only cirrhosis but also causes many complications such as cirrhosis and ascites, even leading to liver cancer.
Because of the danger of liver disease. Therefore, patients should go for regular check-ups, once there are signs of liver disease, they should perform liver ultrasound, because liver ultrasound has an important meaning in diagnosis, and treatment helps to increase the likelihood of developing liver cancer. present illness.
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