What disease is blue urine?

Blue urine mainly comes from foods and drugs. However, if there are other unusual symptoms such as painful urination, fatigue, fever, etc., you should see a health care provider, because these can be signs of many diseases.

1. What disease does blue urine indicate?

Normal urine is pale yellow. In cases of dehydration, the urine becomes concentrated, which can turn dark yellow. However, if the urine turns unusual and rare colors such as blue, it can be a warning of a dangerous medical condition, specifically:
Infection upstream: A phenomenon in which bacteria enter the urinary tract urine through the external environment. Septicemia: Caused by bacteria from the bloodstream entering the urinary tract. Hereditary hypercalcemia disorder
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2. Is blue urine dangerous?

As mentioned above, blue urine can be a sign of some medical conditions. If you have blue urine along with symptoms such as fatigue, nocturia, painful urination, ... then you should go to a medical facility for tests to accurately diagnose your health condition. You should not arbitrarily buy medicine to treat without determining whether your body is suffering from a disease or not and what disease it has.

3. What other causes of blue urine?

In addition to the above diseases, blue urine is also caused by the following reasons:
3.1. Due to food Vitamins: Some vitamins, when taken by mouth, have the ability to turn urine blue. This happens because you are over-supplying the vitamin that your body needs, causing it to have to be eliminated in the urine. Specifically, if you take too much vitamin B, there is a high chance that your urine will turn light green. Food: Foods with strong odors and bright colors also often make urine smell bad and green, such as asparagus. Food Coloring: Urine often changes color, depending on the content and color of the dyes.
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3.2. Due to drugs Some ingredients in medicines have the ability to change the color of urine, for example:
Methylene blue: Methylene blue is a blue substance, mild antiseptic properties, has a detoxifying effect. , commonly used in the treatment of cyanide poisoning, methemoglobinemia, or antiseptic purposes. Active ingredients are composed of phenol group: When these active ingredients are broken down, they will create a blue pigment in the urine. Some drugs that work to make urine turn blue include: Cimetidine – Medicines to treat acid reflux in the stomach - oesophagus; Indomethacin – Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, gout treatment; Zaleplon – Sleeping pills; Promethazine – An antihistamine for allergies and nausea; ...

4. What to do when there is blue urine?

If your urine is blue due to eating and drinking, you do not need to worry. However, if these causes can be ruled out and the urine is blue for a long time, you should go to a medical facility for examination and diagnosis. Before the examination you can prepare some of the following information:
4.1. Ask about symptoms When you visit the doctor, the doctor may ask some questions to better understand and rule out causes such as:
Since when do you see blue urine? How many days did it last? Are you currently taking any medications? If yes, what drugs are listed? In recent days, have you eaten any foods with odors or colors? Besides being green, does urine have any other properties? For example, there is a smell, there is a dirty ripple, there is blood, ... Besides blue urine, do you have any other abnormal symptoms? If so, what are the symptoms?
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4.2. Diagnostic tests After being questioned, you may be asked to perform some of the following tests:
Urinalysis : To identify possible abnormal components in the urine Biochemical test : Urea blood, serum creatinine, ... Ultrasound: To observe in detail to detect abnormalities in position, size, appearance of tumors, obstructions in organs suspected of pathology Urine Blue color can come from many different causes, which can be a warning sign of diseases but also can be caused by the patient's use of drugs and food. Therefore, when you see persistent blue urine with abnormal signs, you should go to medical facilities for examination and consultation with qualified doctors to find out the cause of the disease.
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