Course Information

Time: October 19th, 2018

Training Venue : Vinmec Central Park International Hospitals

208 Nguyen Huu Canh, 22 Ward, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hotline : + 84 28 3622 1166


From March 2018, Vinmec authorized by Ministry of Health CME training code and became 1 of the first 3 Private-owned Hospital had CMA training code. This milestone offer Vinmec the opportunity to organize intensive and academic training course for medical staff not only inside but also outside the Vinmec Healthcare System.

Participants will be trained and practice within international standard hospital, leaded directly by senior expert.

This ESP Block course will be organized twice/year.

What is ESP?

The ESP Block recently described is an inter-fascial block described as a safe quite simple technique, far from risky anatomical structures. Already a Prospective study on 59 adults for open heart surgeries was presented at the world congress of ASRA as oral communication and a case reported by the team of Stanford University. It was used also as rescue analgesia for thoracic surgery. It has been published also in thoracic pediatric surgeries

Why ESP?

The course will deliver the complete knowledge about ESP

Know the requirements to perform regional anaesthesia analgesia in Thoracic surgeries.

  • Know the neuro and sono anatomy required to perform ESP blocks
  • Know the safety processes
  • Know how to manage analgesia by Interfascial catheters
  • Know the process and tips for the ultrasonographic scan for ESP blocks.
  • Know the infusion regimen of local anaesthetics for ESP blocks

Why choose us?

  • The very first course available internationally providing training for the latest opioid free analgesia technique in thoracic surgeries
  • Intensive Course combining lectures, workshops hands on model, live demonstration and simulation on phantom
  • Organizing and training by ESP “creator” and pioneers in applying ESP in open heart surgeries: Nga Ho MD and Prof. Philippe Macaire, MD, PhD
  • The course is conducted English with Vietnamese translation
  • Duration: 1 day/ course

Limited number of participants to reach the highest efficiency

  • Maximum: 35 attendees/ class
  • Practive and intensive discussion:10 - 12 attendees/group
  • Hands on practice on phantom at stimulation center
  • Targeted students: Residents and Anesthesiologist at hospital

Prof. Philippe MACAIRE MD, PhD,

Director of Anesthesiology and Pain Management of VinMec Healthcare Management and Professor at Vinmec Medical University Project (Hanoi, Vietnam)

More than 20 years of Experience in anesthesiology and pain management with international exposure, he has been working across countries France, United Kingdom, Dubai UAE, Thailand and Vietnam.

He is heading the ESP block research and first person to apply this technique in Vietnam as well as all over the world.

Nga Ho, MD MSc

Dr. Nga is currently Anesthesiologist Cardiac Surgeon  Department Vinmec International  Hospital – Central Park

Nearly 20 years of experience in Cardiac Anesthesiology fot both aldult and infant. She actively participates in cardiac surgeon in several hospitals in Hochiminh City

Dr. Ho Thi Xuan Nga is the one who presentd ESP research in open heart surgery at the 43rd Anesthesia World Congress (New York, USA) in April, 2018.

Ngoc Dao Nguyen Thi, MD

Anesthesiologist - Anesthesia Department University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Training and education

Currently a PhD student and Resident of Ho Chi Minh University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital

Training course of Anesthesiology for Liver Transplant Surgery at ASAN Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

Minh Chinh Quach, MD

He is currently Anesthesiologist in Vinmec International Hospital Times City. With nearly 15 years of Experience in Anesthesiology

Training and Education:

Graduate from Hanoi Medical University and Residents of Anesthesiology at Hanoi Medical University from 2006-2009

Participation in local and international training courses

Educational material: Original material with full pakage of lectures’ contents, check lists and setting up lists, requirements

Limited number of participants to reach the highest efficiency

  • Maximum: 35 attendees/class
  • Practive and intensive discussion: 10 – 12 attendees/group
  • Hands on practice on phantom at stimulation center
  • Targeted students: Residents & Anesthesiologist at hospitals

Participation fee:

  • For doctor: 250 USD/person
  • For nurse: 200 USD/person

For more information, please contact:

Email: (Subject: Erector spinae plane (ESP) block master course)

Hotline : + 84 28 3622 1166

From May 2017 to August 2018 VinMec International Hospital Central Park and Times City had applied successfully this technique for 98,6% number of patients:

  • 240 patients = around 400 catheters

ESP Catheters for

  • Breast surgeries
  • Thoracic surgeries
  • Live donor Liver

Significant result:

  • No case record that patient need to use extra-opioid when start incision, stenotomy
  • Reduce the dosage of Sufentanil when performing surgery
  • VAS
  • No case recorded of using morphine for pain relief during the time from recovery to discharge
  • No complications like: hematoma, hypotension or excessive numbness, respiratory depression, anesthesia, anesthetic intoxication
  • 100% of patient pain free, no sign of hyperalgesia syndrome or paresthesia- one of the most discomfort syndrome of using morphine intra-operative, no risk of pain chronicisation after surgery