What is resveratrol active ingredient?

During the research, scientists found a component of the polyphenol compound. Their name is known as Resveratrol with the same effect as a substance that has the ability to slow down the oxidation process to protect the body's cells. So what is the active ingredient Resveratrol?

1. What is the source of the active ingredient Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is found in polyphenol compounds. This active ingredient can be an antioxidant to protect the body from damage as well as reduce the possibility of attack by cancer cells or cardiovascular disease.
Active ingredient Resveratrol occurs mainly in grape skins and peanut skins. Because of this discovery, studies have extended the analysis to many other foods and berries to continue the search. In addition, red wine with the main ingredient being grapes was also included in the analysis.
Resveratrol is found in the skins of grapes and some other berries. That is the basis for the essence to be extracted in larger and larger quantities. Under the extraction of this active ingredient from the berries, the professors have studied how to prepare them into capsules for sale.
Some comments from advertising have said that the active ingredient Resveratrol has the ability to lose weight, enhance longevity and the body's immune system. However, these are only conjectured uses, not all or absolutely correct.

2. Uses of active ingredient Resveratrol

As prescribed by experts, Resveratrol is still being studied to treat infections of sores (Herpes labialis). Therefore, the active ingredient resveration has attracted the attention of many researchers. Research reports in the laboratory seem to have shown the ability to fight aging and dangerous diseases.
2.1 Uses of wine containing the active ingredient Resveratrol For a long time, many experts believe that red wine has good health benefits. It was by chance that the active ingredient Resveratrol was found in red wine, so around 1990 this active ingredient was focused on intensive research on its antioxidant capacity.
Initially, the publications only said that in red wine contains antioxidant compounds. Surprisingly, that compound contains the active ingredient Resveratrol. Thanks to those findings, experiments were developed and tested on animals in the laboratory to see how effective the response was.
After a period of research, experimental data have shown that the active ingredient Resveratrol can be anti-viral, anti-ulcer, and can be studied in the future for the treatment of cancer patients.
These conclusions, while positive, are tentative and likely, but not definitive. The available data do not yet confirm the function of the active substance Resveratrol. Therefore, wine has antioxidant capacity and resveratrol is present in wine, but it is not certain that this active ingredient brings good health benefits. Sometimes the benefits can come from something natural in the wine's composition other than the active ingredient resveratrol.
2.2 Uses for Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer In the current analysis results, the active ingredient Resveratrol has the ability to improve the problem of cancer and cardiovascular disease. For patients with cancer, cancer cells will be prevented from multiplying and increasing in number. On the one hand, the spread is prevented, on the other hand, future medicine hopes that the use of the active ingredient Resveratrol will destroy cancer cells. If the current hypotheses are correct, this active ingredient will be able to be a raw material for the preparation of specific cancer drugs.
People suffer from cardiovascular disease for many reasons. Age and blood lipid indexes are common causes of complicated disease progression. When the disease worsens, cholesterol levels will increase, blood circulation becomes less and blocked due to blood clots, causing pain to become intense. In studies that have been conducted, resveratrol can temporarily reduce inflammation, even lower bad cholesterol levels that are harmful to the body.
resveratrol là gì
Hoạt chất resveratrol là gì? chúng có thể cải thiện một số vấn đề ở người bệnh ung thư

2.3 Lowers the risk of Alzheimer's Disease Nervous system damage causes memory loss that has a major impact on health. If dementia is confirmed as Alzheimer's, the condition is even more serious and dangerous. Patients with this disease will gradually weaken health leading to serious illness and difficult to treat. Therefore, doctors recommend regular health check-ups to prevent early.
In a study in the LAB room, the active ingredient Resveratrol was prepared to protect nerve cells that are prone to damage. At the same time, they have the ability to resist the plaque that accumulates around. This is thought to be the cause of the bad progression of Alzheimer's and is taken as a basis for early treatment to achieve greater efficiency.
2.4 Prevents the risk of diabetes Another result proves that Resveratrol can prevent insulin resistance. Insulin resistance will make the body gradually sensitive to the hormone of the same name, thereby lowering blood sugar. After a long, undetected process, you are at risk of developing diabetes.
To confirm this point, the researchers consulted for more information on SIRT1 gene activation through Resveratrol. This gene has the ability to protect the body to avoid the bad effects of overweight, obesity and aging disease. As a result, in the future this active ingredient also has the opportunity to appear in the composition of drugs to treat diabetes.
2.5 The anti-inflammatory ability of the active ingredient Resveratrol Resveratrol active ingredient was studied as acidic, so it is quite effective against inflammation. Other studies have hypothesized that this active ingredient affects secretion, so it has an effect on inflammatory factors. Acute inflammatory situations caused by pharyngitis can be prevented.
In an experimental model, Resveratrol was able to cause inhibition of ear edema in rats. The secretion of fluid from the pleura and white blood cells reduces the production of nitrous oxide. The results obtained can support pain relief and anti-inflammatory for edema.
In summary, studies on anti-inflammatory ability have proven that resveratrol active ingredient can prevent inflammation, inhibit oxidants that make the growth ability of cancer cells controlled. Since then, this active ingredient prevents the spread of inflammation, helping the patient's quality of life and health improve in a positive way.

2.6 Resveratrol's Antimicrobial Potential To extend the application, other properties of the active ingredient were co-founded and analyzed. According to recent studies, Resveratrol has the ability to inhibit pathogenic microorganisms. These microorganisms can be gram-positive or negative bacteria or fungi.
Antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria has been shown to reduce bacterial activity in the same tests. However, the actual mechanism is still unclear. When cell morphology and DNA content change, the antibacterial activity of Resveratrol is also affected.
2.7 Other biological effects Besides cardiovascular protection and antioxidant, anti-cancer, neuroprotective, anti-dyslipidemia and prevention of diabetes risk, active ingredient Resveratrol can against proliferation and reduction of androgens on ovarian cells.
Moreover, the active ingredient has a cytostatic effect but does not produce toxins affecting granulosa cells. At the same time, vascular endothelial growth is inhibited.
In addition, Resveratrol can increase follicular reserve which helps prolong ovarian life. In this case, the compound Resveratrol acts as a potential anti-aging agent.
Biological damage or anemia causing damage to the ovaries is also studied to have more evidence to confirm the use of the active ingredient Resveratrol. A study in the respiratory system has shown the usefulness of the active substance to the lungs, helping to protect the dangers of the respiratory system.
Although scientific analysis has gradually yielded the desired results, doctors have shown that Resveratrol cannot protect the body when complications occur. Most importantly, the sample and test range are not quite large enough to confirm clinical significance. But up to now, it is possible to recognize the significance of the active ingredient Resveratrol with some chronic diseases.
Therefore, it is difficult to determine the extent of effectiveness or safety when using Resveratrol. The difficulty in determining the dose as well as the limit is a limitation that needs to be improved in the future.
In short, this active ingredient should be used according to the indications and instructions of the doctor to follow up directly. Evaluations as well as the effectiveness of the compound need more research before making a statement.
Resveratrol là gì? hoạt chất Resveratrol đem lại nhiều lợi ích cho sức khỏe người sử dụng
Resveratrol là gì? hoạt chất Resveratrol đem lại nhiều lợi ích cho sức khỏe người sử dụng

3. Side effects may appear when taking drugs or foods containing the active ingredient Resveratrol

Resveratrol is widely available thanks to its beneficial biological reaction to humans. The benefits of the active ingredient are related to the aging and oxidative processes of the body. However, some analysis contradicts what we have confirmed earlier. It is possible that the active ingredient Resveratrol causes the oxidation rate to be faster. This is currently being analyzed and clarified in the pathology section for verification.
Other studies have not yet found any abnormality even with large dose increases. For Resveratrol received from natural food sources will be considered safe and does not affect as well as not afraid of overdose. However, if you have a history of allergies to grapes or wine, be careful.
If you are in poor health, have symptoms of disorder or have bleeding, you should not arbitrarily use the active ingredient Resveratrol. To be on the safe side, please consult your doctor first.
Although the active ingredient is studied and the results bring many good benefits, it does not exclude the risk of interactions with some other drugs. To avoid drug conflicts, you should tell your pharmacist or doctor what medications you are taking for advice.
According to research, the active ingredient Resveratrol may appear to interact with a number of drugs such as: blood thinners, blood pressure drugs, cancer drugs, antidepressants, antivirals and fungicides, pain relievers with some other functional foods or garlic, ginkgo.
It is not known exactly what supplements are taken with the active ingredient Resveratrol and the recommended dosage and expiry date are not clear. Therefore, it is difficult to give an appropriate dose to use with functional foods.
In the immediate future the dosage will be limited to 250 - 500 mg of the supplement. To achieve this requirement, the body will need to consume 2g of Resveratrol per day. This is just a reference number, so you should consult your doctor to use it more effectively.
Active ingredient Resveratrol is a part of a polyphenol compound with a significant discovery for medical development, hoping that in the future it can be used in the treatment of incurable diseases. For more information as well as instructions for use, please go to the hospital for specialist help.

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