What is Cynaphytol? Learn about the use of Cynaphytol

Cynaphytol medicine contains the main ingredient is artichoke extract to help treat cases of hepatitis, acute and chronic kidney disease, poor digestion, gallstones... The drug can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers thanks to its composition. The benign part does not affect the fetus and nursing infant.

1. What is Cynaphytol?

For a long time, Artichoke has been recognized as an herb that brings many great benefits to human health, especially to the liver. In artichoke contains antioxidants to help restore liver function, cool the liver, detoxify. In addition, artichokes also help laxatives, stimulate digestion, diuretics, regulate bile circulation, reduce blood cholesterol...
Cynaphytol medicine has a composition of 300mg artichoke concentrate with just enough excipients. Prepared in the form of hard capsules, canned of 100 tablets. Indications of Cynaphytol include:
Acute nephritis, chronic nephritis; Hepatitis; Gallstones, poor digestion; Allergic conditions caused by the liver such as rashes, urticaria, boils.

2. Instructions for using Cynaphytol

Before treatment with Cynaphytol, users should pay attention to the following information:
How to use: Use oral Cynaphytol. Swallow the capsule whole with water. Dosage: Should follow the instructions of a doctor, a qualified pharmacist. Recommended reference dosage is as follows: Adults: Take 2-3 tablets/time, take 2-3 times a day; Children: Take 2-4 tablets/day, depending on age; Time of use: Take Cynaphytol before meals, use continuously for 10-20 days/month.
cynaphytol là thuốc gì
Giải đáp Cynaphytol là thuốc gì?

3. Notes when using Cynaphytol

Cynaphytol may cause a mild laxative. If during the course of treatment may appear any adverse effects, the patient should notify the doctor for assistance when needed.
Cynaphytol is contraindicated in the following cases:
Allergy or hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the formula; Obstruction of bile ducts; Cholecystitis; Damage to the spleen and stomach; Diarrhea . In general, Cynaphytol has the advantages of reasonable cost, relatively safe to use, mild and uncommon side effects. The drug can be used by both pregnant women and nursing mothers. However, the drug is also limited in the form of capsules that make it difficult for people who have trouble swallowing. The effectiveness of the drug depends on the location of each person and needs to be used continuously for 10-20 days / month to see a noticeable effect.
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