Uses of Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg

The drug Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg is used to treat diabetes. While taking the drug, you should carefully follow the instructions of your doctor to ensure safety for your health. Here is some information to help you better understand what Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg does?

1. Uses of the drug Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg

Patients with diabetic syndrome, especially type 2 diabetes syndrome, will be prescribed the drug Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg. The composition of the drug Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg is the active ingredient Metformin. The Metformin component is classified as a Biguanide, which can act peripherally to increase the flexibility of glucose in cells and improve the binding of insulin to the receptor. From there, the body produces an inhibitory response that prevents the liver and intestines from synthesizing glucose.
Glibenclamid is a component that interacts with Metformin. This ingredient can lower blood glucose levels. The main mechanism of action of this ingredient is to stimulate pancreatic beta cells to increase the ability to secrete endogenous insulin.
If the patient uses Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg for a short period of time, the glucose flow in the liver can be gradually reduced. From there, the drug will control the concentration of Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg in the blood. At the same time, the body increases the flexibility of insulin with peripheral cells.

2. Dosage and how to use Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg

Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg drug has the same effect as hypoglycemic drugs. Each patient will be prescribed a specific dose according to their different medical conditions. You can consult the appropriate dosage from your doctor. However, it should be noted that the drug is absolutely not used for children, because Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg is indicated for use in adults.
Normally should not use more than 6 Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg tablets per day. The average dose usually ranges from 3 to 4 tablets per day. The number of times a day will be prescribed by the doctor specifically for each patient.
You can refer to the time of taking the drug to consider based on the number of divided doses per day as follows:
The single dose will be used in the morning. In the case of using 2 doses / day you should Use morning and evening Dose 3 times / day, please use more at noon The single dose will be indicated to use 1 tablet / day. Dosage 2 times use 2-4 tablets depending on the patient's condition. With a dose of 3 times can range from 3 to 6 tablets according to detailed instructions from the doctor when examining and prescribing to patients.
The time that is said to bring the best medicinal effects is before eating. Dosage of the drug can be adjusted flexibly for each patient, especially the elderly. If you are taking medication, your doctor may continue to make adjustments based on your medical condition after a detailed assessment.

3. Notes before taking Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg

Using Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg drug overdose can lead to many dangerous side effects for patients. You should note that if you have sudden symptoms of hypoglycemia, you should notify your doctor..
Patients with liver and kidney disease should pay attention to regularly check the clearance index. Long-term use of the drug can increase protein binding in the body. This affects or makes hemodialysis ineffective.
Some subjects or cases are listed contraindicated to use Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg
Patients with a history of allergies or easy interactions with any of the ingredients of the drug Type 1 diabetes mellitus Decreased or damaged liver and kidneys Severe infections Dehydrated body Heart attack Respiratory failure Porphyria metabolism Women during pregnancy or breastfeeding

4. Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg side effects

Disorders of blood count index Disorders of metabolism and absorption of nutrients Nervous system dysfunction Digestive disorders Internal organ dysfunction such as liver, kidney, hepatobiliary disorders Epidermal disorders and skin.

5. Interactions with Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg

Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg is contraindicated to use with some drugs such as Miconazole, Danazol, Corticosteroids... Contraindicated drugs will be noted by your doctor and you can also ask a pharmacist if needed. To easily detect the risk of drug interactions Gliritdhg 500mg/5mg, always remember to bring medical records so that the doctor can understand the specific health situation and the prescriptions used.
With functional foods or over-the-counter drugs, you should still report it to your doctor for timely detection. In addition, alcoholic drinks or stimulants need to be abandoned before taking the drug, because they can indirectly interact and cause health hazards.
Above is some information about the drug Gliritdhg 500 mg/5mg for your reference. If you are using medicine, please note periodic health check to avoid danger to health.

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