Uses of Diphereline

Diphereline 0.1 mg is indicated for the treatment of prostate enlargement and infertility in women. The drug acts directly on the gonads by reducing the sensitivity of peripheral receptors to the hormone GnRH.

1. Ingredients in Diphereline

Diphereline 0.1 mg medicine contains the following main ingredients:
Triptorelin 0.1mg is used as Triptorelin acetate. Excipients are sufficient. The drug is prepared in the form of lyophilized powder for injection.

2 Effects and indications for using Diphereline 0.1mg

2.1. Diphereline side effects

The active ingredient Triptorelin in Diphereline is a synthetic Decapeptide. This active ingredient has similar effects to the natural hormone GnRH.
When adding the active ingredient Triptorelin to the body, the first stage may increase the concentration of LH and FSH hormones in the blood, then the suppression phase. With these mechanisms, the drug will help inhibit the interstitial peak of LH levels, thereby having an effect in the treatment of prostate cancer and increasing the ability to conceive in women.

2.2. Indications for use of Diphereline

Indications for use of Diphereline in the treatment of prostate cancer in men. For women, the drug is indicated for the treatment of uterine fibroids and endometriosis. Treatment of infertility in women: Dipherelin in combination with gonadotrophins (hMG, FSH, hCG) in the period of ovulation induction for subsequent artificial insemination. Note: Patients should not use Diphereline 0.1 mg in case they are allergic to Triptoreline or sensitive to any active ingredient in the drug's ingredients.

3 Dosage and how to use Diphereline 0.1 mg

Dosage of Diphereline 0.1 mg injection:
In the treatment of prostate cancer: 1 ampoule of Diphereline 0.1 mg per day subcutaneously for 1 week before switching to the delayed release form. Treatment of infertility in women: Inject 1 tube under the skin once a day. The time to start injecting is from the 2nd day of the menstrual cycle until 1 day before the planned ovulation, an average of 10-12 days for each insemination. How to use Diphereline effectively:
The drug is prepared in the form of lyophilized powder for injection, so it needs to be used by subcutaneous injection. Powder for injection will be mixed in the available solvent; Patients must absolutely follow the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist.

4. Diphereline side effects

Side effects in the treatment of prostate cancer:
Initial dose: Sometimes the drug can aggravate clinical signs and symptoms such as bone pain, worsening of pre-existing hematuria. there, urinary obstruction, fatigue or paresthesias in the lower extremities. These symptoms are usually transient and resolve spontaneously after 1-2 weeks of treatment. During treatment: Hot flashes, pain at the injection site, transient hypertension. With other GnRH analogues, some adverse effects such as fever, nausea and vomiting, skin rash, itching, dizziness, shortness of breath, headache, palpitations, diarrhea, constipation have been reported. constipation, visual disturbances, depression, loss of appetite, night sweats, excessive hair loss and drowsiness. Side effects in increasing fertility:
Rare side effects: Hot flashes, body weakness. If used in combination with gonadotrophine may cause increased ovarian stimulation. Conditions such as ovarian hypertrophy, pelvic pain, or abdominal pain may occur. If the patient notices any abnormal signs on the body and health, please immediately notify the doctor for appropriate advice.

5. Notes when using and storing medicines properly

While using Diphereline 0.1 mg, patients should note:
Monitor testosterone levels in the blood during use. Induction of ovulation in women of poor fertility should be performed under close medical supervision, with frequent biological and clinical examinations. Diphereline should not be used if you are driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Because the drug can cause dizziness, headache, drowsiness. To avoid unnecessary interactions, you need to provide full information about the medicines you are taking, including prescription and non-prescription drugs, functional foods, vitamins... You are not allowed to take the medicine yourself. Diphereline without a doctor's prescription and prescription. Store Diphereline properly:
Store Diphereline at room temperature, in a cool and dry place; Avoid direct sunlight on Diphereline; Do not keep Diphereline in the freezer; Keep out of reach of small children and pets. In summary, the drug Diphereline is used to treat prostate cancer and infertility in women. Patients should carefully read the instructions for use, consult a doctor or pharmacist before using to ensure safety and maximize the effectiveness of treatment.

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