Uses of Bidiferon

Bidiferon belongs to the group of vitamins and minerals, an anemia treatment drug with 2 main ingredients: iron (II) sulfate 50 mg and folic acid 0.35 mg. Bidiferon is prepared in the form of film-coated tablets, boxes of 3 blisters x 10 tablets or boxes of 10 blisters x 10 tablets. Bidiferon is used to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia, prevent anemia for pregnant women and patients after gastrectomy.

1. What are the uses of Bidiferon?

Bidiferon drug includes 2 active ingredients iron and folic acid with the following effects:
Iron: An important element of the body, necessary for the process of creating hemoglobin, myoglobin, cytochrome. Among them, hemoglobin is an important component of red blood cells in the blood. According to the American Institute of Medicine, the iron requirement in an adult man is 9mg/day, while in women it is 18mg/day. Normally, this amount is provided in food, but in people with iron deficiency anemia, pregnant women cannot get enough from food alone, so it needs to be supplemented with drugs. Folic Acid: An indispensable element for normal red blood cell production. Folic acid deficiency will lead to diseases such as macrocytic anemia due to nutrition, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, mucous membranes, and easy gastric and duodenal ulcers. Lack of folic acid during pregnancy will lead to birth defects in the fetus. In addition, folic acid helps limit the gastrointestinal disturbances associated with most oral iron preparations. The combination of folic acid and iron is more effective in cases of anemia during pregnancy than taking either alone. Bidiferon is used to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia in the following cases: pregnant women, after gastrectomy, malnutrition syndrome,...

2. Contraindications of the drug Bidiferon

Bidiferon drug is not used in the following cases:
The patient has a history of hypersensitivity to any ingredient of Bidiferon drug. Diseases causing excess iron in the body such as: Hemolytic anemia, iron-contaminated tissue disease, hemosi-derin infection. The patient has pernicious anemia. Patients with esophageal stricture. Children under 12 years old or the elderly.

3. Dosage and how to use Bidiferon

Usage: The drug Bidiferon is used orally. Patients should take the entire Bidiferon tablet with half a glass of water, do not chew, break, or crush it because it can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
Bidiferon is usually taken before meals to increase absorption. However, depending on the risk of stomach irritation, patients can be adjusted 1 hour before eating or 2 hours after eating.
Dosage: Take 1 tablet / day, equivalent to 50 mg of elemental iron.

4. How to handle when forgetting medicine, overdose Bidiferon

In case of forgetting to take medicine within 1-2 hours of the prescribed time, the patient can quickly take the supplement as soon as he remembers it. If it is time for the next dose, skip the missed dose, take the next dose as scheduled, do not take a double dose after forgetting the dose. Toxic dose for Bidiferon: Less than 30 mg of iron (II) ions/kg can cause moderate toxicity. More than 60mg of iron (II) ions/kg can cause serious poisoning. The lowest lethal dose when using Bidiferon can be from 80–250 mg of iron (II) ions/kg. When taking Bidiferon drug overdose can lead to symptoms such as: Nausea, vomiting, shock state; High fever, low blood glucose; Convulsions, coma; Irritation and necrosis of the stomach and intestines; Hepatotoxicity, renal failure. When experiencing these conditions, the patient should immediately stop the drug and go to the nearest medical facility for timely treatment.

5. Side effects of the drug Bidiferon

When using Bidiferon, patients may experience some unwanted side effects such as:
Common: Nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, black stools. Uncommon: Skin rash. If the patient experiences the above symptoms while using Bidiferon, it is necessary to stop taking the drug and consult a doctor for appropriate management.

6. Bidiferon drug interactions

Bidiferon drugs can interact if used concurrently with the following drugs and substances:
Ofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin; Antacids such as sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium trisilicate; tetracycline antibiotics; Methyldopa, quinolone antibiotics, thyroid hormones.

7. Note when using the drug Bidiferon

Bidiferon does not affect people who drive or operate machinery. Bidiferon should be used with caution in patients with suspected peptic ulcer, chronic ulcerative colitis. Do not drink alcohol, tea during treatment with Bidiferon. Store Bidiferon in a cool, dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, protected from light. Absolutely do not use if Bidiferon is found to be moldy, discolored, watery, past its expiry date. Above is all information about Bidiferon drug. Patients should carefully read the instructions for use, consult a doctor first to be effective when using and avoid side effects.

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