Novoeight: Uses, indications and precautions when using

Novoeight is used on subjects with hemophilia A when they have had trauma or surgery. As a man-made form of clotting factor VIII, Novoeight works to stop bleeding.

1. What does Novoeight do?

Novoeight is indicated for use in people with low-grade hemophilia A, deficiency of clotting factor VIII to control and prevent bleeding episodes in daily life or before surgery.
People with hemophilia A who lack clotting factor VIII if they have an injury or have surgery are at increased risk of bleeding for longer and bleeding inside the body (especially into muscles and joints). Therefore, with an anaerobic component, Novoeight works to temporarily replace the missing clotting factor VIII, helping the blood to clot.

2. How to take Novoeight

Novoeight is to be taken intravenously under the direction of a doctor. Depending on the dose and individual patient response, the drug may be used more slowly over a longer period of time.
After the first dose is injected at medical facilities and hospitals, the doctor can instruct the patient to self-inject the drug at home. However, it is necessary to store Novoeight in the refrigerator, before injecting the drug should be brought out to room temperature. Then, gently swirl the syringe to allow the powder to dissolve into the solution, and be sure to check the powder for any abnormalities (e.g. discoloration or appearance of spots). Depending on your weight, health condition and response to treatment, the dose will be different as directed by your doctor.
If the condition does not improve, or even becomes worse after taking the medicine, the patient should inform the doctor.
Thuốc Novoeight
Thuốc Novoeight được dùng theo đường tiêm tĩnh mạch dưới chỉ dẫn của bác sĩ.

3. Side effects when taking Novoeight

In some cases, patients may experience side effects such as headache, nausea, blushing, heart palpitations after taking the drug. To reduce these reactions, your doctor may give you the medicine more slowly. Sometimes at the injection site there may also be irritation, redness, burning, fever, chills all over the body. If you experience these symptoms for a long time and they become more serious, you should tell your doctor right away. Very rarely, Novoeight causes a serious allergic reaction. However, if a rash develops; swelling and itching in the face, tongue, and throat; chest pain ; shortness of breath ; If the patient is dizzy, the patient should be taken to the emergency room.

4. Notes when using Novoeight

Inform your doctor about all allergies and medical history before taking the medicine. Regularly monitor heart rate during treatment with Novoeight. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should talk to their doctor about taking medication. Tell your doctor about any medicines, herbs (including prescription and over-the-counter) you have been using. Your doctor may order a blood factor VIII level test to determine the right dose and monitor your response to the medication. Novoeight is used to prevent bleeding in hemophilia A by temporarily replacing clotting factor VIII. In the process of using the drug, patients need to strictly follow the doctor's instructions to promote the effectiveness of treatment and limit unwanted side effects.

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Reference source: Webmd.com

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