Why do you have a sore mouth?

The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor I Le Thi Thu Hang - Dermatologist - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.
Cleft palate is a chapped or blistered condition at the corner of the mouth. Although it is a benign disease, it is easy to recur and can be spread.

1. Identification signs

The disease occurs in all subjects but is most common in children aged 2-5 years. A burning sensation and discomfort in the corner of the mouth. The skin color in the corner of the mouth is red and cracks appear. There are many small blisters concentrated in patches. For babies, it is easy to see yellow scales. In addition, the tip of the child's tongue will be slightly shiny, and the throat and lips will be dry. Pain when you open your mouth or laugh out loud. Especially when eating foods with high acidity, spicy, salty foods... will make the crack worse. People with diabetes or immunocompromised are also susceptible to this disease.

2. Cause

Herpes hậu môn: Triệu chứng, điều trị
Virus herpes là tác nhân chính gây bệnh
Herpes virus is the main causative agent of the disease This expression is also common in people with atopic dermatitis, the skin is often dry and cracked. It is also caused by the fungus candida albicans. Its spores are ubiquitous and are most active when weak health conditions reduce resistance, causing inflammation of the corners of the mouth. The disease can also be caused by a vitamin B2 deficiency. The reason is that we eat too few vegetables and have fresh fruits, lack of nutrients in the meal. For children, when the mother lacks milk to breastfeed or feed the child with a lack of nutrients, it will not create a good resistance for the baby, which can easily lead to this condition.
Impetigo is divided into 2 types: Primary Impetigo: the causative agent of the disease on normal, healthy skin. Secondary impetigo: the causative agent on the skin has acquired other skin diseases such as eczema, scabies, ...

3. How to prevent disease

Uống nhiều nước giúp hạn chế bệnh
Reasonable diet:
Eat foods rich in vitamin B12 (fresh vegetables, fruits,...) Do not eat foods that are too spicy, contain a lot of acid,... Drink lots of water Clean skin, do not share personal items with others such as towels, toothbrushes.
Avoid getting scratched or damaged skin. If injured, avoid touching the wound directly, especially if you have long fingernails.
Apply moisturizer every day.

4. Methods of treatment

You can treat at home with some foods that have the function of soothing the skin, increasing resistance such as:
Cucumber, aloe vera: You can eat it and apply it directly to the skin with a cooling effect. skin as well as reducing inflammation caused by wounds. Coconut oil, olive oil: Apply directly to the skin with antiseptic and wound healing effects quickly and effectively. In addition, we can also wash the wound with warm water and then apply vaseline to the crack, the wound will heal quite quickly.
You need to see a dermatologist when the condition recurs frequently, affecting your daily life, the doctor will examine and test to find the cause to help thoroughly treat the disease.
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Doctor Thu Hang has over 10 years of experience in the field of dermatology. Especially experienced in the treatment of adult and pediatric skin diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, autoimmune and rare skin diseases. The doctor has obtained certificates and university degrees at home and abroad such as: Degree I - Dermatology, Hanoi Medical University, DFMS Degree - Dermatology, University of Paris XIII, France before becoming a doctor. dermatology at the Department of Internal Medicine, Vinmec Hai Phong Hospital today.

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