Warning signs of body weakness

The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor I Nguyen Hong Phuc - Emergency Resuscitation Doctor, Emergency Resuscitation Department - Vinmec Phu Quoc International General Hospital. The doctor has nearly 20 years of experience in Emergency Resuscitation.
Anxiety, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, poor concentration, decreased work productivity are manifestations of physical weakness that makes life more difficult. Therefore, when your body is weak, you need to have a balanced diet, scientific activities and follow the treatment regimen of your doctor.

1. What is physical weakness?

Asthenia is a symptom of generalized fatigue, the duration of the disease can last at least 6 months. Myasthenia gravis occurs at all ages in men and women, in which the age group 20-40 has the highest risk, according to research, women are often affected more than men.
Body weakness, if not overcome in time, the disease may worsen and appear more symptoms such as fear for no reason, living a closed life, not wanting to interact with others, accompanied by nightmares that cause The patient cannot sleep or has trouble sleeping. From there, it leads to consequences such as poor thinking, difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, slow nerve reflexes, sometimes inaccurate behavior gestures,...
With signs of decline in strength As mentioned above, people with physical weakness will not like to work or not be enthusiastic, get tired quickly and have poor productivity and quality of work... Therefore, they often experience failure, discouragement and surrender.

2. Causes of body weakness

Some causes of weakness in the body such as iron deficiency anemia, hypoglycemia, systemic infections, mononucleosis, immunosuppression, changes in hormone levels of the hypothalamus - pituitary - adrenal glands Kidney failure, low blood pressure...
Fatigue can also be unmeasurable such as viral infection, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.
Some people work too hard, eat a diet, lack nutrients or patients after surgery, childbirth... easily lead to this disease.
However, in reality, in most cases, there is no clear cause or specific disease.
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3. Symptoms of body weakness

It is possible to predict whether the body is weak or not based on the following symptoms:
Fatigue, exhaustion, or night sweats, pale skin, sometimes fainting. Weakness lasts more than 6 months. Sore throat, muscle pain, joint pain but no redness. Soft lymph node swelling. Headache, trouble sleeping. Feeling uncomfortable for more than 24 hours after trying hard. Difficulty remembering or concentrating on something. Worried, confused, pessimistic, irritable. Lethargy and depression. Loss of appetite, bloating, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss. Mood swings. Reduced sexual ability.
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4. How to treat and prevent asthenia

How to treat: People with physical weakness will be given medication by a doctor and advised some active treatment directions, which are treatment according to a special exercise program and behavioral therapy to help you reduce symptoms. physical weakness such as headache, difficulty concentrating. The doctor will prescribe medicine to treat headaches and muscle pain. Antidepressants can help improve fatigue, increase receptivity. Patients need to rest as much as possible during treatment. Follow the treatment regimen of the specialist. Have a reasonable and moderate mode of living, working and resting. Should eat selectively, suitable for health. The diet menu needs to ensure 4 ingredients (protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins) but it is necessary to add more green vegetables such as cauliflower, bok choy, vegetables rich in folic acid and vitamins that are good for health, easy to eat. . The fruits have a taste like dragon fruit, grapes, oranges... You should eat a lot of foods that you feel delicious and excited about. If you don't feel like eating, you should prepare thin, easy-to-swallow foods. Do not smoke, drink alcohol. Don't put pressure on yourself, don't stay up a lot at night, it's best to sleep early, get enough sleep (7 hours a night) and sleep deeply. Do the most important tasks in the morning when you have a lot of energy left. Get help at home and at work when it's overwhelming. Take a break from the day by walking or relaxing (relax at least once or twice a week. Join a group, talk to someone with similar problems to help each other. Prevention: Have a regimen. Live healthy, eat well. It is necessary to see a doctor if there are any unusual symptoms or changes in the body. This helps the doctor to identify and treat problems early in the body. , while preventing deterioration of the condition.

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