Signs of depression in teenagers and how to support them

Puberty is the age when there are abnormalities in personality and behavior. When teens have negative symptoms, this may be the beginning of pubertal depression. What are the signs of depression in teenagers? How can we help children return to a normal rhythm of life?

1. What is depression?

Depression is a pathology of emotional disturbances, decreased mood. The patient is always sad, decreased interest, weight loss, sleep disturbance, reduced concentration and attention, dislike of activities. More seriously, the patient has a sense of guilt, feels unworthy and may lead to suicidal behavior.

2. Signs of depression in adolescence and young adulthood

Depending on the severity of the illness, depression presents with some or all of the following symptoms:
Frequent feelings of sadness or anger, irritability, or sometimes feeling of emptiness Decrease or Loss of interest and interest in work and activities that were once a hobby Eating more or less completely, not eating well Sleep disorders: Difficulty falling asleep, disrupted sleep, waking up early or sleeping a lot. Worrying for no reason Feeling unworthy, losing confidence or feeling like a burden to others Decreased or lost ability to concentrate, difficulty making decisions at work Decreased or lost memory. Fatigue or loss of energy, find it difficult even with simple things Have thoughts of not wanting to live Body disorders: Headache, abdominal pain, aches, nausea... often. In particular, during adolescence and young adulthood, there is an emotional state characterized by thoughts of being worthless, thoughts and behaviors of self-harm, thoughts of suicide, and suicide. This phenomenon, if it lasts for more than 2 weeks, can affect the life, activities and study of children. Parents should send their children to the doctor for timely advice and support from psychiatrists or psychologists.
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3. How does your family help you overcome depression?

Parents share and befriend their children at any age by listening to them share all the difficulties and joys they have in life. Especially the difficulties the child may have encountered at school, in friendships. Share and discuss with children to help them overcome difficulties step by step. Arrange daily activities appropriately, do not set high expectations and put additional pressure on children. academic achievement so that children have good psychology. For children, especially at puberty - when there are changes in hormones, psychophysiology also changes and it is easy to face psychological difficulties such as: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, decreased self-esteem. Parents need to pay special attention to each child's small manifestations such as: late sleep, insomnia, loss of appetite, sluggishness, fatigue, anger, sadness, confusion. taciturn, lazy to clean the body, do not like to go out of the house, reduce or lose interest in doing before, ... and small changes of children for timely handling. When children's problems become difficult, it is recommended that children go to psychiatrists for examination and to psychologists for counseling and therapy for children.
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