The change of pregnant women at 34 weeks

The article was professionally consulted by BSCK II Pham Thi Xuan Minh - Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vinmec Hai Phong International General Hospital.

Hormonal changes in 34 weeks pregnant women sometimes cause blurred vision, constipation, increased vaginal discharge. The 34th week fetus grows big, causing compression, leading to back pain, shortness of breath, stretch marks.

1. What's special about 34 weeks pregnant?

34 weeks pregnant sometimes experience uterine contractions, causing the uterus to contract, manifesting quite similar to labor, this phenomenon is called Braxton Hicks contractions, or "false" labor contractions. " . In addition, your pelvis during this week of pregnancy has begun to expand and can cause pain, especially behind the hips. The fetus grows large, encroaching on the lower part of the ribs, affecting the rib cage, causing pain to the pregnant woman. Some women who are 34 weeks pregnant have the umbilical cord pushed out due to the distended abdomen.
34 weeks fetus is about 50 cm long and weighs about 2.2 kg. Most babies at this week of pregnancy are entering the stable phase with their heads slightly bowed. The organs are almost fully mature, except for the lungs and skin, which are pink, instead of red. Fetal fingernails grow long and reach fingertips, but toenails may not have fully grown out. Many 34-week babies already have a lot of hair. Most babies at this stage don't move much anymore, because their baby's size is already quite big compared to the mother's belly.
34 weeks pregnant should start learning about breastfeeding to best prepare for the development of the baby. Accordingly, women can consult an obstetrician-gynecologist or simply talk to friends and relatives who have been pregnant and breast-feeding.
Thai nhi tuần thứ 34
Thai nhi tuần 34 dài khoảng 50 cm và nặng khoảng 2,2 kg

2. How does a 34-week pregnant woman's body change?

34 weeks pregnant women can sometimes have blurred vision due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Not only is vision affected, pregnant women this week are likely to experience reduced tear production, which can cause dry and irritated eyes, especially in contact lens wearers. However, these symptoms are only temporary and will gradually improve after birth.
But if vision problems become more severe, it could be a sign of preeclampsia. This is a very dangerous condition, pregnant women need to be hospitalized as soon as possible.
Details of fetal development week by week, every parent should learn:

3. Symptoms in 34 weeks pregnant women

Bloating and bloating Flatulence is a common symptom in pregnant women at 34 weeks. When feeling stressed, pregnant women tend to "swallow air" into the abdomen, causing bloating. Therefore, during this week of pregnancy, women should try to reduce unnecessary stress, practice breathing in deeply through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth for a few minutes every day.
Constipation As the last weeks of pregnancy, constipation gets worse. Causes of constipation during pregnancy can be due to weak bowel movements due to the effect of the hormone progesterone, the growing uterus compresses the digestive tract, or the pregnant woman becomes dehydrated due to vomiting. To overcome, pregnant women should add enough water, increase fiber in the diet with a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. If necessary, laxatives can be used (as prescribed by the doctor).
Increased vaginal discharge Women 34 weeks pregnant often increase vaginal discharge due to the action of pregnancy hormones (especially estrogen). They increase blood flow to the pelvic area and irritate the mucous membranes, leading to increased vaginal discharge.
Hemorrhoids Continuous constipation is the cause of giving rise or worsening hemorrhoids, anal fissures. Pelvic muscle exercises like Kegels can improve this condition, helping to promote blood circulation and strengthen muscles.
Back pain When moving, the center of gravity of the pregnant woman's body focuses on the abdomen, creating pressure on the back, easily leading to lower back pain. Therefore, 34 weeks pregnant women should focus on resting, in a lying, standing or walking position, because sitting for too long can make back pain worse.
Bà bầu bị đau lưng - Làm sao cho hết đau
Bà bầu tuần thứ 34 dễ bị đau lưng dưới

Leg Cramps Leg cramps are common for 34 weeks pregnant women, caused by 3 “main culprits”: pregnancy weight, edema and fatigue. If you have leg cramps, try putting your feet on a cold surface, sometimes this can stop the cramps.
Stretch marks Abdomen growing too large is the cause of stretch marks on the skin. This condition occurs more when pregnant women gain weight too quickly. Therefore, during this week of pregnancy, pregnant women should try to keep the weight gain slow and steady.
Edema in feet and ankles Body volume of 34 weeks pregnant woman increases, easy to cause fluid accumulation in extremities, such as fingers, feet, especially ankles. To cope with this condition, pregnant women can lie with their legs elevated, which helps to release some of the accumulated fluid.
Fast hair growth For pregnant women, hair and hair will grow faster, and at the same time become shinier. However, they grow up mainly in areas that are not expected by pregnant women, such as the cheeks, chin and back. If you feel uncomfortable, pregnant women can wax with active ingredients suitable for the sensitive skin of pregnant women.
Shortness of breath The pregnant belly gets bigger and bigger during the 34th week of pregnancy, causing the lungs to sometimes become compressed and unable to fully expand. Therefore, pregnant women in this period may feel short of breath, asphyxiated. Sleeping on the left side will help the mother feel better at night.
Insomnia Most pregnant women at 34 weeks feel anxious about the upcoming delivery. Besides, cramps, abdominal pain, bloating make it difficult for the mother to fall asleep.
Leaky colostrum When the due date is approaching, a pregnant woman may leak colostrum - the light yellow milk that is the first drink for the baby. If you feel uncomfortable, you should use a breast pad to absorb milk.

4. Advice for pregnant women at 34 weeks

Bầu đọc sách
Thai phụ nên tìm hiểu trước về trầm cảm sau sinh để có phương án chuẩn bị tốt nhất

4.1. Protect your eyes The eyes of a 34-week pregnant woman are often dry and more sensitive than in the previous weeks. So, protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses and using appropriate eye drops.
4.2. Learn about postpartum depression Women after giving birth are often affected by many factors, including unwanted body, psychological changes, causing postpartum depression. If not detected and treated properly, this disease can cause unfortunate, even life-threatening consequences. Thus, before giving birth, pregnant women should learn about postpartum depression in advance to have the best preparation plan.
4.3. Do not eat too much salt A low-salt (sodium) diet during pregnancy helps pregnant women limit fluid retention, prevent gestational hypertension and edema. However, a sudden drastic reduction in sodium intake is not good for the baby.
4.4. Maintain regular exercise Walking, yoga, swimming improve blood circulation and increase endorphins (the hormone that gives a feeling of happiness). Staying physically active also helps you sleep better and fight daytime fatigue.
4.5. Hiring a birth support person Doula (roughly translated as birth assistant) is a concept to refer to people who support pregnant women during labor and childbirth. In Vietnam, this concept is relatively new.
A birth assistant is someone who has a fairly solid knowledge of pregnancy and related issues. Their task is not only to guide family members and support the mother during labor, but also to help reassure her psychologically and support her mentally.
The last 3 months of pregnancy, especially from the 34th week of pregnancy onwards, the health of both mother and baby needs to be closely monitored and checked. Pregnant women need:
Know the real signs of labor to get to the hospital in time, affecting the health of the fetus. Differentiate between amniotic fluid and vaginal discharge for timely handling to avoid premature birth, fetal distress, and stillbirth. Be especially careful when bleeding in the last 3 months of pregnancy needs urgent emergency care to ensure the life of both mother and baby. Monitor the amount of amniotic fluid regularly and continuously. Monitor fetal weight in the last 3 months to assess baby's development and predict possible risks at birth. The special monitoring group is the same as the striker, and the fetal growth retardation needs to be closely monitored by the doctor and given appropriate indications. Distinguish between physiological contractions, labor contractions and mechanical pregnancy to get to the hospital in time. Maternity services at Vinmec make the pregnancy process easier and safer for pregnant women. During pregnancy, pregnant women will be examined by top doctors in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department with high professional qualifications and experience, giving the best advice and treatment for the health of both mother and child. little.
For detailed information about all-inclusive maternity service packages, please contact the hospitals and clinics of Vinmec Health system nationwide.

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