How much iron do pregnant women need during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have a fairly high need for iron that can be doubled compared to the average person. Pregnant women are not provided with enough iron that can affect the health of both mother and fetus, typically iron deficiency anemia,... So how much iron do pregnant women need each day?

1. The role of iron for women during pregnancy

Why do pregnant women need iron supplements? Pregnant women during pregnancy will have higher iron requirements than in normal times. Because, at this stage, iron is provided to do not only make blood but also participate in the process of creating cell nuclei. Not only that, iron also participates in cell division or the creation of new cells, especially in the period from 10 to 16 days after conception. Fetal nerve cells are also created thanks to the nutritional components iron and folic acid.
If you do not get enough iron as recommended, there is a great risk of affecting both mother and child, and the children will later have difficulty in intelligence compared to their peers. In addition, iron also plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells, constituting immune system enzymes, thereby helping to strengthen the body's resistance both mother and fetus. When iron deficiency will cause anemia or symptoms of fatigue in normal people, for pregnant women, iron deficiency also severely affects the development of the fetus, including intellectual as well. like physical. In addition, the anemia that occurs in pregnant women also affects the transport of oxygen to the body of the mother and the fetus. Because during pregnancy the mother's blood volume will increase by about 50% compared to the normal period to help ensure the iron needs of the fetus during development and also help promote the health of the fetus. . Iron also belongs to the group of micronutrients that help increase appetite and if pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia will not want to eat or eat less, sleep quality is not guaranteed, prolonged fatigue because oxygen cannot reach the brain and movement. transfer to cells in organs of the body. On the other hand, with iron deficiency, the mother's resistance will also be weaker, leading to an increased risk of infections that will affect the fetus and baby at birth, there is a potential risk of weak resistance and easy infection. infected.
For pregnant women, iron deficiency also increases the risk of preterm birth or postpartum infection, or postpartum hemorrhage, body weakness,... As for the fetus, when the eyes are deficient. Iron occurs can increase the risk of fetal malnutrition, preterm birth, low birth weight and affect the intellectual development of the child later.

2. Iron needs for pregnant women during pregnancy

How much iron do pregnant women need a day? Or how much iron do pregnant women need a day? This question is always of interest to people when starting to prepare for pregnancy and even during pregnancy. Before becoming pregnant, the recommended amount of iron a woman's body needs is 15 mg of iron per day. With this content, it shows that a small amount of micronutrients and for many normal people do not meet the amount of iron required.
When entering the stage of pregnancy, pregnant women need how much iron per day? According to experts, the recommended iron requirement of pregnant women needs about 30mg of iron per day and this amount of iron is twice that of the average person. If the mother is not provided with enough iron, there is a risk of iron deficiency anemia and affects the health of the fetus.
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According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), women when starting to show signs of pregnancy should take iron tablets every day. The time to take iron tablets can last until a few months after giving birth. How much iron do pregnant women need during this time? The supplemental dose may be 60mg per day with 400mcg folic acid included. In addition, pregnant women should also use some iron-rich functional foods to ensure adequate iron supply according to needs.
In case a pregnant woman is diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, the doctor may prescribe a supplement of about 50 to 100 mg of iron per day. Or in more serious cases, pregnant women need to stay in the hospital for treatment for 2 to 3 months with intravenous infusion to ensure the blood volume needed to stabilize.

3. Supplement iron by using a diet containing iron-rich foods

Iron-rich foods are always classified as the safest and richest source of iron supplements for pregnant women and other subjects. Iron is rich in red foods such as liver, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, legumes, cereals and dark green leafy vegetables,... In which, iron sources from Food of animal origin will be absorbed into the body better than plant source. The body is able to absorb about 10 to 15% of iron from animals and conversely, iron from plants is only absorbed about 5 to 10%. Therefore, if you want to get enough iron, you need to add 10 times more iron than the recommended need.
Besides iron supplements for better blood formation, pregnant women also need folate or synthetic folic acid, these compounds can be found in fruits or bananas or colored vegetables dark blue...

4. Iron supplement for pregnant women

Iron supplements for pregnant women can be used in two forms: inorganic iron and organic iron. In these two forms, organic iron will have a superior advantage over inorganic iron because organic iron is better absorbed into the body and less likely to cause constipation for users.
In addition, pregnant women can use single iron tablets produced in divalent form such as gluconate, iron succinate, iron oxalate...
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5. A few notes when supplementing iron for women during pregnancy

When pregnant women take iron supplements, they need to know, iron is classified as a substance that is difficult to absorb into the body, so if you want to enhance the absorption of iron, you should use iron tablets according to the correct time and instructions. Use iron tablets on an empty stomach and take iron tablets with water with rich vitamin C content such as lemon juice, orange juice.
Pregnant women need to pay special attention not to use iron with milk, calcium mineral supplements or calcium-rich foods because calcium interferes with the ability to absorb iron into the body. In addition, when taking iron tablets, pregnant women need to use a lot of water and eat foods rich in fiber to help prevent constipation.
When supplementing with iron tablets, pregnant women will be provided with enough iron content every day. However, it is still necessary to consult a doctor to ensure the safety of pregnant women and fetuses. Pregnant women are not allowed to buy supplements without a doctor's prescription.
Using drugs for pregnant women need to comply with the prescription, avoid overdosage for a long time, which can increase the risk of cirrhosis, cardiomyopathy, diabetes,...
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