What to eat after ligament surgery?

A ligament tear is an injury caused by improper operation. A torn ligament will make it difficult for joints and muscles to perform all activities. Therefore, ligament surgery is the solution to handle these difficulties. However, what to eat after ligament surgery is something not everyone knows

1. The foods that should be prioritized to use after ligament rupture surgery

What to eat after anterior/posterior cruciate ligament surgery? Questions asked by patients after surgery. Because the patient's health is weak after surgery, it is necessary to take care of some of the following nutrients to quickly recover:
Foods rich in vitamins and minerals Vitamin-rich foods are always a good choice for patients recently undergone surgery. You can use fresh fruits or vegetables to provide vitamins for the body.
In addition to adding many healthy vitamin groups, green vegetables and fresh fruits are soft foods that are easy to digest. Therefore, it will be easier for patients to use and absorb nutrients.
In order for the body to be supplemented with vitamins A, C, E, carotene and mineral elements, you should get into the habit of using 400 to 500 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
Green vegetables are a food group that is recommended to be used a lot in all subjects. When we eat green vegetables, the body will have a pleasant feeling and green vegetables are a food group that brings many positive benefits to the user.
In each serving of vegetables when used, you will increase your chances of repelling the growth of cancer cells. Moreover, eating a lot of green vegetables helps the body eliminate toxins and helps the movement organs metabolize nutrients better.
Add more protein Protein is usually of animal or plant origin. However, the nutritional source from animal protein is often higher, so patients are encouraged to use animal protein.
Here are some suggestions for good protein foods for people who have just undergone ligament surgery:
Animal protein: shrimp, oysters, clams, snails, crabs, mussels, milk, fish, eggs, meat . Plant protein: cereals, bean flour, soybeans, tofu.... Protein is an energy source for body activities and contributes to wound healing. But do not use too much or abuse to avoid diseases caused by excess protein.
In each meal you can consider adding about 100 grams of fish meat; 50 grams of meat; 100 grams of tofu... Chicken eggs are nutritious food, so only eating 3 to 4 eggs per week is enough.
The role of protein in the body is extremely important, so patients are often supplemented to:
Restore balance to the body Neutralize the body's environment to avoid alkalization or too high acid. Cell tissue Is a catalyst that accelerates metabolic processes in the body, especially between cells and blood vessels. Drink milk to add calcium and resistance Milk is a food with many nutritional sources that are beneficial to the health of each person's body. Especially for patients with surgery related bone problems, drinking milk from 400 to 600 ml per day will supplement calcium, iron, zinc... for the body to quickly recover.
Sữa tươi
Sữa là thực phẩm được tổng hợp nhiều nguồn dinh dưỡng có lợi cho sức khỏe của cơ thể mỗi người
Milk is an easy-to-use food that is quite convenient, so patients need to be supplemented every day to compensate for the body's lack of nutrients that are available in milk. This is a quick way to help the body recover from an injury because dairy products and milk are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and spread to the organs than other foods.
Eat foods containing polyunsaturated fats Unsaturated fats are a type of healthy fat that is beneficial for health and prevents the development of bad cholesterol. Omega 3 is a type of saturated fat that has been researched and proven to be beneficial to human health, especially patients in the recovery period. Omega 3 is often found in fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, and salmon. When the body is fully supplemented with omega 3, this fat will promote the creation of collagen for bones and joints and is responsible for controlling inflammation and preventing the inflammation caused by harmful bacteria.
For all subjects, the use of unsaturated fats is always very positive. More specifically, patients after surgery to rupture ligaments, the role of omega 3 cannot be ignored.
Supplementing omega 3 for patients after undergoing ligament surgery will help prevent some dangerous diseases such as:
Cardiovascular disease Dangerous psychological disease Depression Supplementing with foods to prevent oxidation Oxidation The chemistry that takes place in the body is alarming. Especially with the weak health condition after undergoing surgery.
What to eat after ligament surgery to help patients recover quickly? Then you should not ignore foods that prevent oxidation from happening. This food will help protect against tissue damage and help the body metabolize better.
You can refer to some of the following antioxidant-rich foods:
Oranges, tangerines Grains Wheat, products made from wheat Choose liquid foods
Cam quýt
Bạn có thể bổ sung một số thực phẩm giàu chất chống oxy hóa như cam quýt
Patients with torn ligaments in particular and patients after surgery in general are weak and need rest and care after surgery. Due to fatigue and pain from the surgical wound, the patient will have difficulty in eating. Others have thoughts of giving up eating because they no longer have an appetite.
Especially the effect of anesthesia after surgery makes all body activities slow down. Therefore, doctors often encourage patients to eat liquid foods such as porridge and soup for easier digestion and absorption. At the same time do not eat too cold or too hot to ensure patient safety.

2. Some notes for patients with ligament surgery

A ligament rupture requires rest and care for a while before it can function as it should. However, during the recovery process, you need to note a few things to help the wound heal quickly and not affect future activities:
Do not exercise with too high frequency or too quickly. Take it slow and do activities to let your body adapt. After surgery, the doctor will keep a brace in place to limit movement of the surgical site. This will help shape the tissue regeneration, so you should not arbitrarily remove the brace without consulting your doctor. Because the surgical position is fixed, you also need to avoid stretching and stretching activities to create the best conditions for the incision to recover. You should only walk when necessary so that the body is not forced into a state of movement. Overwhelme. Do not lie in one place for a long time because it is the culprit that causes muscle atrophy. Do not use alcohol and stimulants that are harmful to health. Build a scientific and healthy schedule that combines the right sleep habits hours and enough sleep every day.
Đi bộ
Trong quá trình phục hồi, bạn khong nên vận động với tần suất quá cao hoặc quá nhanh
Hope the above information has provided you with more options and answers to what to eat after ligament surgery. Wish you always have a scientific diet and improve your work productivity and improve your life.

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Reference source: cih.com.vn


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