Music and dance to cure autism

On October 13, Master Bui Tuyet Minh (Member of the American Dance Therapy Association) and Mr. Phung Ngoc Ha (music therapy teacher at Vinmec Hospital) and parents of autistic children experienced music and dance therapy. The program has helped parents know how to relieve stress to balance and control their emotions before supporting their children.
This is a companion program for parents of children with autism with the theme "Touch and Connect" of the High-Tech Unit for Autism and Cerebral Palsy, Vinmec Times City International Hospital to help parents can feel and understand the mechanism of impact and effectiveness of various art forms, music and dance with children.
Children with autism have difficulty interacting socially, feeling and expressing their emotions. There are also language and communication problems. So how to understand and enter the child's world?
“Parents are the best doctors and teachers for autistic children” – experts on autism have affirmed. Because outside of the classroom hours, the people closest to the child are the parents who will help the child make progress, if properly trained and guided.
Through dance/motion, MSc. Bui Tuyet Minh organized activities for parents to experience:
One by one, each person introduced their own name and everyone else imitated Go around and communicate eye contact with any person Moving at a slow - fast speed on command Mirror activity Moving with a silk band, ... Through these activities, people feel each breath, each movement of the body. body parts, emotional changes to understand oneself, others and most importantly, understand your child - autistic children to have appropriate interactions.

Activities to communicate with each other through eye contact.
Music therapy – A gift for all of us
Many parents think that their children cannot learn music, much less think that their children can read or play a piece of music. However, Ths. Phung Ngoc Ha has helped parents see the seemingly impossible become possible. She provided parents with basic knowledge and methods of music therapy for children with autism.
To get that result, therapists and parents must really understand the child, be persistent, help the child feel emotions through sound so that the child can share his/her own message with these words. Colorful tunes. It's been a journey with constant effort, but sometimes she has tears in her eyes when she sees her child's progress and listens to the emotional thoughts of her parents - Th.s Phung Ngoc Ha shared. .

(Ms. Ha instructs parents to read a piece of music using music therapy)
Although the time is short, the program to accompany parents with the theme "Touch and connect" has really bring useful knowledge to parents and moments of deep deposition in their hearts!

1. MSc. Bui Tuyet Minh graduated with a degree in dance/motion therapy from Sarah Lawerence College, New York (USA). She is a member of the American Dance Therapy Association ( ADTA.org ) and a pioneer in developing dance/motion therapy back to Vietnam since 2015. She has organized and is leading many projects. about using art to support a wide range of audiences, especially autistic children and the elderly with dementia in Vietnam and the US.
2. MSc. Phung Ngoc Ha graduated with a major in Theory and Methods of Music Teaching at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. She has been a pioneer in building a foundation in using music to treat children with autism since 2012 in Vietnam. MSc.Ha has been organizing many seminars and courses to guide parents and teachers in using music to help children with autism relieve stress and connect with people through the world of sound.

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