Laparoscopic surgery - a good solution for patients with early ovarian cancer

The article was written by Specialist Doctor II Phung Thi Phuong Chi - Oncologist - Oncology Center, Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital. The doctor has 20 years of experience in the field of oncology.
Ovarian cancer is often not detected until it has spread to the pelvis and abdomen. However, if detected early, the results are also very positive. Ovarian cancer is often cured in its early stages with treatment mainly with surgery and chemotherapy.

1. Prevention of ovarian cancer

There is no sure way to prevent cancer but there are ways that can reduce the risk of cancer such as:
Oral contraceptives: oral contraceptives reduce the risk of cancer, but also increase the risk. of some other diseases, so it is necessary to consult with a doctor to consider using it according to your own situation. Consult with your doctor about your own risk factors: if a family member has breast or ovarian cancer, in some cases, the doctor will send the patient to a genetic counselor to test for the mutation. genetic variation. If you have a gene mutation that increases your risk of ovarian cancer, you may consider removing your ovaries to prevent cancer.

2. Preventive surgery for ovarian cancer

Đột biến gen BRCA
Đột biến gen BRCA1 hoặc BRCA2 có thể là nguyên nhân gây ung thư buồng trứng.
Patients with syndromes associated with high risk of ovarian cancer such as Lynch or Peutz-Jeghers. Mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2, BRIF1, STK1, RAD51C, RAD51D genes. Previous history of breast, colorectal, or uterine cancer. Preventive surgery includes: removal of the tubules and ovaries bilaterally. 2.1. Surgery Indication of whether a patient should undergo surgery depends on many factors: Preoperative medical condition, nutritional status, advanced disease progression that surgery is likely to improve. duration of life and quality of life.
Surgery is the main treatment. Ovarian cancer surgery has two purposes: staging and reducing the total tumor cell mass. The size of surgery depends on how far the cancer has spread and the patient's general health.
For women of reproductive age, the disease is still in the earliest stages, they can be surgically left with both ovaries and uterus to preserve reproductive function. After giving birth, they will have a caesarean section to remove the remaining ovary and uterus to minimize recurrence.
For early stage ovarian cancer, surgery can be done in 2 ways: Open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.
Laparoscopic surgery has more advantages for patients in the recovery period such as: less pain after surgery, reduced risk of abdominal wall hernia, quick recovery, short hospital stay, less blood loss and increased cosmetic, ... However, this needs careful consideration and evaluation of the oncologist and discussion with the patient. Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital performed laparoscopic surgery for early stage ovarian cancer.
Usually 1 surgery for ovarian cancer includes:
Removal of one side adnexa. Cut the 2 side appendages. Total hysterectomy including the cervix. Greater omentectomy: partial or complete. Removal of part of the small intestine or colon. Cut part of the diaphragm. Cut the appendix. Pelvic and abdominal lymph node dissection.
Cắt tử cung toàn phần
Phẫu thuật cắt tử cung toàn phần tại Bệnh viện Đa khoa Quốc tế Vinmec.
2.3. Chemotherapy After surgery, patients often have to undergo chemotherapy.
Chemotherapy can be injected directly into the abdominal cavity called intraperitoneal chemotherapy or systemic chemotherapy. The purpose of systemic chemotherapy is to destroy very small cancer cells that have spread so far throughout the body that surgery cannot remove them. Systemic chemotherapy will help destroy and prevent this spread. Currently, treatment regimens in the world have recommended the use of additional new targeted drugs such as vascular antibiotics in ovarian cancer.

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The article references sources: American Cancer Society and Emedicine.medscape.com.

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