The effect of human center acupressure

Nhan Trung is one of the 13 most important acupuncture points on our body. Knowing the location of the center as well as the correct method of acupressure will help a lot in the treatment of some common ailments such as fainting, mouth distortion,...

1. Where is the central point located?

According to Traditional Medicine, the center of gravity is located in the upper lip area, in the middle of the concave groove connecting the bridge of the nose and lips.
Nhan Trung acupuncture point is also known as the water-gou acupuncture point, this is one of the dangerous acupuncture points on the body (the ten three devil acupoints). Therefore, this point is also known as demon palace, guest ghost or ghost market. Acupressure points are commonly used when giving first aid and have many important roles in health.

2. What is the effect of acupressure?

According to Traditional Medicine, Nhan Trung acupressure has many effects on human health such as:
Support in the treatment of fainting and dizziness: Syncope is a state of unconsciousness, pale skin, cold limbs. and lose consciousness due to causes such as excessive blood loss, low blood pressure, wind damage, heatstroke, lack of oxygen or shock, etc. When you have these symptoms, you can use your hands to press on the human center point to help the patient regain consciousness. While waiting for the patient to be taken to the emergency room, you can give first aid to the patient with this acupressure. Support in the treatment of symptoms of mouth distortion caused by wind blows or 7th nerve palsy: In this case, pressing acupressure can effectively improve symptoms of mouth distortion. In case you do not know the acupuncture points, you should go to Traditional Medicine clinics for examination and treatment. Support for treatment of epilepsy: According to Traditional Medicine, epilepsy is a condition related to the disorder of some organs in the body, causing the yin and yang in the body to be out of balance. Nhan Trung acupressure helps reduce symptoms of convulsions, foaming at the mouth. After pressing Nhan Trung acupoint to relieve the symptoms of epilepsy, you need to take the patient to the hospital soon for emergency treatment. Helps to relax the mind, reduce anger: According to Oriental medicine, acupressure will help relax the mind, limit the muscles of anger due to the suppression of fire in the body. This acupressure also helps block the meridians and yang qi from outside entering the body.
Ngất đột ngột
Bấm huyệt nhân trung có thể giúp bệnh nhân tỉnh lại sau khi bị ngất.

3. Effective way of acupressure man Trung

Acupressure is a method of stimulating the central acupoint that is easy to perform, so it is often applied by many people. In order to properly acupressure, without adversely affecting your health, you should consult an oriental medicine doctor and need to take the following steps: First, you need to determine exactly where the human center is; then use your thumb to press firmly on the acupuncture point and rub it evenly for 1-2 minutes; Should maintain Nhan Trung reflexology daily until the symptoms of the disease improve.
Besides Nhan Trung acupressure point, to increase the effectiveness of treatment, you can combine acupressure points with other acupressure points such as Yin Duong acupressure, temple acupoint, Bach Hoi acupoint, Ten Xuan acupoint,... Depending on the purpose of the treatment. For treatment, you should choose appropriate acupoints, such as Nhan Trung reflexology combined with internal organs, Dung Tuyen acupoints, Tam Ly acupoints, which will help reduce poisoning; Nhan Trung acupressure combined with ten Tuyen helps reduce fainting; Nhan Trung acupressure combined with Party Central, Ten Tuyen, and Dung Tuyen acupressure helps reduce symptoms of heatstroke; Nhan Trung acupressure combined with Party Central Point will relieve low back pain,...
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