Why is it important to evaluate and test circulatory function?

The article was professionally consulted by Specialist Doctor II Ho Viet Le Diem - General Internal Medicine - Department of Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.
Cerebral circulation is the blood vessel system that supplies blood to the brain. Only when the cerebral circulation function is ensured will the brain parenchyma's ability to function stably. Thus, the test of circulatory function is also an important component of the general examination, especially in subjects at high risk of stroke.

1. What is cerebral circulatory function?

The cerebral circulation is the blood vessel system that supplies blood to the brain, like any other organ in the body, the blood supply to the brain also originates from the aorta from the left ventricle. Since the consequences of hypoxia of any cause are severe for the brain, the brain is protected by two double circulations, the anterior cerebral circulation and the posterior cerebral circulation. The anterior cerebral circulation originates from the carotid arteries and the posterior circulation originates from the vertebral arteries. Two cycles with a point where they meet is called a Willis circle. As blood reaches each cell to exchange nutrients and wastes, every process occurs on the blood-brain barrier. This is also this barrier that helps protect the brain.
In addition, the brain parenchyma is very sensitive to any change in cerebral blood flow, the cerebral circulation is able to adjust automatically to changes from the systemic circulation. Since then, in order for the central nervous system to work stably, it is required that cerebral circulation must always maintain a stable blood flow to the brain parenchyma. In particular, cerebral blood flow is largely controlled by local metabolites, most importantly the CO2 component which leads to vasodilation of cerebral arterioles, leading to an increase in cerebral blood flow in the presence of shortage. Furthermore, when the macrocirculatory system is depleted and vasopressors are required, these vasopressors have absolutely no effect on cerebral blood flow, since they cannot cross the blood-brain barrier.

2. What are the problems caused by the loss of circulatory function?

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The brain is largely responsible for complex and important functions in the body such as thinking, feeling, memory, movement, vision, and speech. Therefore, the brain always needs a very efficient cerebral circulatory system to supply oxygen and nutrients, and remove carbon dioxide and waste, helping the brain cells to work efficiently.
However, when there is any effect on the cerebral circulation, which affects the lack of oxygen to the brain, this can cause brain damage and neurological problems. If blood supply to the brain is quickly restored, the symptoms of ischemia may be transient. On the contrary, if the ischemic time is too long, beyond the tolerance of brain cells, they will die, lose function and leave permanent neurological sequelae later.
Diseases caused by loss of circulatory function can be one of the following cases:
Ischemic stroke: The blood vessels supplying the brain parenchyma are suddenly blocked by a blood clot or plaque. Brain parenchyma necrosis and loss of function. Hemorrhagic stroke: A blood vessel supplying the brain parenchyma is suddenly broken due to high pressure or a vascular malformation. Blood overflows in the skull, the brain parenchyma is both deprived of blood supply and compressed due to the hematoma. Cerebral edema: Elevated intracranial pressure from any cause causes brain cells to be compressed, swollen, and dysfunctional. Coma and even death: Consequences of the above cases if they develop suddenly with severe severity or progress slowly but not fully controlled.

3. What are the risk factors for circulatory function?

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Anyone of any age can have problems with brain circulation. This may be the result of an interaction between the aetiological factors due to preexisting structural vascular abnormalities or environmental factors. However, a person is at high risk for abnormalities in the cerebral circulatory system if any of the following are present:
High blood pressure High blood cholesterol levels Severe heart failure Heart rhythm disturbances Atherosclerosis Family history of cardiovascular disease Diabetes Overweight, obesity Exposure to tobacco smoke Drinking alcohol

4. Why is it necessary to evaluate and test circulatory function?

Because the role of the brain is extremely important in an individual's life, ensuring the normal functioning of this organ is always considered the ultimate goal. In which, the participation of the cerebral circulatory system is always a decisive factor.
On the other hand, pathologies occurring on the cerebral circulation have been statistically found to have significant risk factors. In addition to immutable risk factors, early detection of the presence of modifiable risk factors as well as the extent to which cerebral circulation has been affected will allow proactive prevention of complications. Unfortunate incidents can happen.
From there, with the meaning of why it is necessary to evaluate and check the cerebral circulatory function, this implementation will be shown through the general examination. In particular, the doctor will focus on checking the circulatory function on subjects who are middle-aged or have many risk factors.
Besides, craniocerebral imaging tests and facilities can also help to check cerebral circulatory function. Prominent tools are computed tomography, cranial magnetic resonance imaging, and Doppler ultrasound of the arterial system supplying blood to the brain. As a result, high-risk lesions will be detected and quickly controlled, proactively preventing serious events that may occur in the future.

5. Periodic general health check and check of cerebral circulation function at Vinmec

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Khám sức khỏe tổng quát định kỳ và kiểm tra chức năng tuần hoàn não tại Vinmec để phòng ngừa bệnh tật
As the material life and level of knowledge are constantly improving, regular health check-ups are essential for everyone to have the opportunity to live longer and live healthier. By proactively going for a general health check-up even before there are any abnormal signs, through visiting, examining and performing screening tests, doctors can help identify signs and symptoms. early warning signal. Especially problems with cerebral circulation function, which are diseases of the cardiovascular disease group, when detected at an early stage, the treatment can be more effective, more successful and proactive in prevention. events for the patient.
With the goal of comprehensive health care in general and cardiovascular health in particular, Vinmec International General Hospital System deserves to be a reliable address for every family, especially for members from middle age. Adolescents when cardiovascular risk factors in general, and the risk of impaired cerebral circulatory function in particular, have gradually formed.
Vinmec International General Hospital System has launched general health checkup packages and performed paraclinical tests suitable for each subject. Customers will be directly taken by the doctor to take personal and family medical history, measure blood pressure, body mass index, physical examination, perform screening tests as well as advice in each situation.
With a team of professional, highly qualified and experienced doctors, modern facilities, advanced testing machinery system, the periodic health check-up at Vinmec deserves to be an address. Reliable, world-class quality medical care for everyone and every family.
Doctor Ho Viet Le Diem has more than 10 years working in the Department of Resuscitation - Cardiac Surgery at Cho Ruong Hospital with the position of cardiologist and Open Heart Resuscitation. And has more than 03 years as a General Internal Medicine doctor at Family Medical Practice in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Dr. Diem is working at the Internal Medicine Department - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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