What to do with emphysema? Emphysema management tips

Emphysema is a common form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Although it cannot be completely cured, following your doctor's instructions for treatment of emphysema and applying the following emphysema management tips can help limit symptoms and slow progression as much as possible. progression of the disease, prolonging and improving the patient's quality of life.

1. What is emphysema?

Emphysema is a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, causing difficulty breathing due to long-term damage to the lungs. The alveoli weaken and rupture, reducing the surface area of ​​the lungs, reducing the amount of oxygen that enters the bloodstream.
Symptoms of emphysema tend to progress slowly. Shortness of breath is the most important symptom of emphysema. As the disease worsens, the patient may experience difficulty breathing while sleeping or sitting still. Along with shortness of breath, the patient will have other symptoms such as wheezing, coughing a lot, chest pain, chest tightness, ..

2. Tips for managing your emphysema

What to do with emphysema? Emphysema cannot be completely cured. However, following your doctor's instructions for treating emphysema and using the following emphysema management tips can help limit symptoms and slow progression as much as possible.
2.1. Drink water properly You need to drink enough 8 glasses of water a day to help the body's metabolism and dilute the mucus. In addition to filtered water, you can use fruit juice, milk, soup made from vegetables, ... both help replenish water for the body and provide very good nutrients. Limit coffee and alcoholic beverages as much as possible.
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2.2. Eating in moderation People with emphysema need to divide meals during the day. Eating four to six small meals a day is better than three large ones because a less full stomach makes breathing easier. Do not lie down immediately after eating, because it will limit the digestive activity of the stomach. In addition, lying down right after eating also causes the diaphragm to be pushed up and compressed, affecting the activity of the heart.
2.3. People with emphysema need to eat soft and easy to digest foods. Hard, chewy foods that need to be chewed a lot are not good for the health of people with emphysema. Accordingly, you should choose soft foods such as: cooked vegetables, ground meat, pasta, mashed potatoes, soups, casseroles,...
2.4. People with emphysema need to control their daily salt intake. People with emphysema who use too much salt in their daily diet are at risk of water retention, which causes increased blood pressure and increased difficulty in breathing. Therefore, it is necessary to control the amount of salt consumed as much as possible. Stay away from fast foods that contain a lot of salt like cookies and chips, meats like ham, bacon, pickles, bottled sauces,...

2.5. Measures to improve dry mouth There are many causes of dry mouth in people with emphysema, the causes can come from medications and therapies for the disease. To improve the above situation, patients should keep a bottle of filtered water with them to drink at any time. A bedroom humidifier will be very helpful at night to relieve dry mouth. Clean the machine regularly, use the machine according to the user manual to keep the machine clean.
2.6. People with emphysema should wear comfortable clothes Tight clothing, although very fashionable, can cause constriction of the airways of people with emphysema. Patients should choose loose and comfortable clothes such as elastic pants, loose T-shirts, etc., both without exertion when wearing, and safe for the airway.
2.7. Using your inhaler correctly When treating emphysema, your doctor will likely prescribe many different medications, including inhalers. There are few types of tube-type drugs for daily use, some for use in the case of an acute attack of shortness of breath. Therefore, patients need to clearly distinguish which drugs, use the right way, the right dose as prescribed by the doctor. Check the used data, the remaining data in the ampoule, follow-up appointment by appointment.
2.8. People with emphysema need a yearly flu shot. Emphysema increases the risk of getting the flu and serious flu complications. Therefore, people with emphysema need to get a flu vaccine every year. In addition, patients should consult their doctor about vaccination with pneumococcal vaccine, which is a common cause of pneumonia. Wash hands often with soap and hand sanitizer if the sick person is in crowded places.
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2.9. Join community support groups Emphysema community support groups with the help of experts will give useful advice on how to breathe properly, nutrition, how to quit smoking leaves, ... will be very helpful for sick people. Besides, meeting and talking with people in the same situation will help the patient's psychology.
2.10. Avoid the risk of lung damage People with emphysema when going out in the cold, wear a scarf or mask to cover your mouth to prevent cold air from causing airway constriction. In addition, it is necessary to stay away from paint fumes, car exhaust pipes, perfumes, incense sticks and any other agents that can cause lung damage.
2.11. Improves Bloating When the stomach becomes bloated, it can become more difficult for a person with emphysema to breathe. Therefore, it is necessary to limit foods that can cause bloating such as fried foods, spicy foods, carbonated soft drinks,...
4.12. People with emphysema need to carefully prepare before the trip When planning to travel, people with emphysema need to discuss with their doctor about the destination, such as climatic conditions, the level of air pollution, sea ​​level,... Find out the airline's regulations on whether to allow oxygen tanks or not.
Although emphysema cannot be completely cured, following the emphysema treatment instructions from your doctor and applying emphysema management tips can help limit symptoms, slow down the progression of the disease. maximize disease progression, prolong and improve the patient's quality of life.

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