Smoking and diabetes: Serious effects you need to know

Smoking not only affects your own health but also affects the health of those around you. Recently, the link between smoking and diabetes has been increasingly clarified. So, when a person with diabetes smokes, how dangerous is it?

1. Health dangers of smoking regularly

According to research, the composition of cigarettes contains nicotine, a substance found in pesticides. It is also the cause of lung problems for smokers. When using tobacco, both smokers and smokers are at risk of lung cancer, cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction, chronic bronchitis ......
Statistics at Every year, health organizations show that, every second, a patient dies from lung damage caused by smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke. Previously, the number of deaths caused by smoking was statistically higher than that of infection with the disease of the century. In particular, men are typical subjects with a habit of smoking.
Carbon dioxide from cigarettes when smoked will enter through the nose into the body, making the oxygen concentration in the red blood cells unable to increase. Under the effect of blocking oxygen from combining with red blood cells, smoke causes the organs to work harder to compensate for those deficiencies. Therefore, if you smoke or breathe in smoke regularly, it will lead to kidney failure, night blindness, foot gangrene....

2. What happens to the body when you quit smoking?

Long-term smoking addiction is often difficult to give up. However, doctors always advise you to quit smoking to protect the health of yourself and your family. First, when you want to quit smoking, you need to be really persistent. You may be able to rebalance yourself like you did when you didn't smoke to get used to it.
When you stop taking the drug while craving, the first 20 minutes will slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure. About the next 12 hours, the CO concentration in the blood will drop low. CO is the carbon dioxide present in cigarette smoke. When you stop smoking from 2 to 12 weeks, the circulatory system and respiratory system have almost gotten used to and adapted. The damage caused by smoking can be somewhat ameliorated. After one year of stopping smoking, you cut your risk of heart disease in half. Moreover, smoking also causes insulin to decrease activity. If you quit smoking quickly, it will be easier to promote insulin to control blood sugar. However, smoking is addictive, so it is difficult for anyone to quit. Therefore, when implementing it, it is necessary to be serious and obey the discipline. If it is too difficult, you can contact your doctor for help with smoking cessation.
First quitters need determination. Next, leave familiar tobacco-related items where you often go. At first, cravings will make you uncomfortable, but just keeping calm and taking deep breaths will control the addiction.
Psychotherapy is quite important at this time for people to quit smoking. Go to a non-smoking place regularly to stay motivated. At this time, the body will be stressed due to dependence on cigarettes, in this case you should practice sports to relax.
Not only cigarettes but also addictive drinks or soft drinks should be kept away. Because they can become the catalyst for the next craving. Your hands will become accustomed to holding a cigarette, so work to make your hands forget the feeling of holding a cigarette.
Instead of smoking while resting, try to go out for a breath or chat with friends to distract your attention. Most importantly, if you have the support of your family and an optimistic spirit, you will soon quit smoking successfully.
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3. Smoking and diabetes: Serious effects

The diseases caused by smoking are dangerous to health. Especially people with diabetes will be at higher risk, because now the link between smoking and diabetes, along with dangerous complications, is increasingly being clarified.
Smoke makes insulin slow absorption, blood sugar index rises difficult to control. Therefore, if a person with diabetes breathes in secondhand smoke, the risk of cardiovascular disease will double.
Women have a higher risk of health effects from smoking than men. If you have gestational diabetes and breathe in large amounts of secondhand smoke or smoke while pregnant, it can lead to premature birth or miscarriage. Besides, healthy people who smoke will also have an increased risk of diabetes. From there, it shows that smoking and diabetes have a close relationship.
When you have diabetes and regularly smoke, your organs will suffer serious damage. In addition to heart and lung problems, damage to the retina, impaired nerve function, necrosis of toes and even feet. When there are other complications that can be more dangerous to health and lead to death.
Type 2 diabetes has a significant impact on health. The patient's ability to recover from injuries is often lower. Having a history of diabetes and frequent smoking increases the risk of diabetes complications and other health effects. Therefore, whether you are healthy or have a history of diabetes, you should not smoke and stay away from places where tobacco is available. This is an addictive product that is dangerous even for those who inhale the smoke.
Hope the information in the above article helps you understand the link between smoking and diabetes and the health effects of smoking regularly. To help you know how to prevent and quit smoking effectively.
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