Should cosmetic porcelain crowns for jaws or not?

The article was consulted with Specialist Doctor I Nguyen Trung Hau - Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Da Nang International General Hospital.
Jaw is a form of malocclusion that is quite common in the community. In the pre-braces era to correct the box was a commonly used method. However, with the strong development of today's cosmetic dentistry, instead of braces, people with protruding teeth can have many other solutions that are simpler, faster and more aesthetic. One of them is the cosmetic porcelain crown method.

1. What are molars?

Protrusion is a form of malocclusion that can be seen with the naked eye, with the upper teeth protruding forward compared to the lower jaw, making it difficult for people with protrusion to close their lips even at rest. In some cases, the teeth come in right, but the jawbone is too protruding from the forehead and nose.
Protruding teeth will lose the harmony of the face as well as reduce chewing function and increase the risk of dental diseases. If this condition is not improved for a long time, it can also affect the temporomandibular joint, affect the nerves and disturb the temporomandibular joint. There are two types of protruding teeth:
Dental protrusion: is a condition in which the jawbone is normal but the incisors are brought forward too much Jaw: is a condition where both the teeth and the alveolar bone are protruded forward due to the jawbone. overgrown

2. Should cosmetic porcelain veneers be applied to the protruding jaw?

Cosmetic porcelain teeth is a method of replacing the old tooth with a new layer of teeth or can replace the abutment completely if the patient loses a tooth. The material that makes up the denture or crown is natural or artificial porcelain. The cosmetic porcelain crown in addition to help increase the appearance of the teeth also helps the treatment process of tooth damage better. Moreover, if the tooth has dead pulp or tooth decay, is stained yellow due to the use of many antibiotics but cannot be overcome by teeth whitening, cosmetic porcelain crown is the optimal method.
In cases of protrusion, porcelain crowns are considered a simpler and less time-consuming method than braces. However, for mild cases of prolapse, this method can be used, while more severe cases require cosmetic surgery as well as braces to cure the cough.
With the method of porcelain crowns for protruding teeth, the patient needs about 2-4 visits to correct the situation. The porcelain crown will cover the pulp to help this real tooth avoid agents such as bacteria, temperature and chemicals. In cases of mild protrusion, porcelain crowns can help to partially correct it, but this method is only temporary to correct the defect, and after that, you still need to continue to treat the crown. Porcelain teeth, orthodontic braces are a method that both straightens and straightens teeth to the right position, and brings aesthetic effects without causing damage to bones and gums. When the treatment is completed, the patient's physiological teeth can completely chew comfortably, without any impact on the tooth tissue, while the porcelain crown will still need certain abstinence in eating and drinking to avoid breakage and chipping. tooth.
Có nên bọc răng sứ thẩm mỹ cho hàm hô hay không?
Có nên bọc răng sứ thẩm mỹ cho hàm hô hay không là thắc mắc của nhiều người

3. Which cases are suitable for porcelain crowns to improve protruding teeth?

Some cases can use porcelain crown technique to improve their protrusion, including:
Mild protrusion, mainly 2 upper front teeth protrude out. Uneven, misaligned teeth affect the impact. to the bite The front teeth are chipped with protrusions The cases of the front teeth are crooked and sparse or have problems with tooth color, you can also consider using this method Vinmec International General Hospital currently has Orthodontic Packages New generation braces are applied to cases of misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, wide teeth, protrusion, underbite, malocclusion, ... making the face lose its aesthetic appearance, helping to adjust and find it again. Aesthetics for teeth, smiles and faces by orthodontic treatment.
The advantages of the new generation of braces include:
Metal braces are an orthodontic method thanks to the force of the brackets to bring the teeth into the desired position, by the metal bracket. Stable, but the time of braces with this type of bracket is shortened compared to other types of brackets. The treatment with metal braces is not too complicated like lingual braces or porcelain braces, plus the cost-effective treatment are the outstanding advantages of this type of braces. In addition, metal braces also bring high orthodontic efficiency, time is shortened to the maximum and is easy to replace when falling off. With a team of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience, the new generation of orthodontic braces can help you overcome crowded teeth and bring a bright smile with your teeth. as the.
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