Sexual violence haunts women for many years

Sexual violence causes serious public health problems and has profound and long-term effects on both mental and physical health. In addition, the condition increases the risk for sexual and reproductive health problems. Sexual violence can happen at any age. Therefore, it is necessary to equip more information about this content to have a way to avoid it.

1. Sexual violence

This concept is known for all acts of a coercive nature in sexual relations including forced childbirth.
Consequences of sexual violence that adversely affect women's health include:
Causing many deep wounds in a woman's mind Causing physical or bodily injuries, even There are even cases of death. It also causes many bad consequences and social problems
Bạo lực tình dục ám ảnh phụ nữ trong nhiều năm
Hậu quả của bạo lực tình dục gây ảnh hưởng xấu tới sức khoẻ của người phụ nữ

2. Studies on the effects of sexual violence against women

Compared with other traumatic life-altering events, the researchers say, memories of sexual assault remain intense and vivid for many years, even when unrelated to the stress disorder post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
It is shown that feelings of experiencing sexual violence are related to some degree of obsession with sexual violence or depression and anxiety. The occurrence of these feelings is not surprising because women who have been oppressed into this situation will remember what happened and think about it a lot.
But these feelings and thoughts are often associated with traumatic problems (PTSD).
Recently, researchers have studied nearly 200 women, aged 18 to 39, of which 64 are victims of sexual violence. Less than 10% are taking anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medications.
Women who have experienced sexual violence have clear, strong memories, including details of the event. Furthermore, it was also difficult for these women to forget the incident as a defining part of their lives, the researchers found.
Every time they reflect on an old memory, they create a new memory in their brain as it is retrieved in the present time and space. What this study shows is the effect of sexual violence against women is that the process can make it harder for you to forget what happened.

Another study has found that sexual aggression and violence may be the cause of PTSD in women. The researchers note that PTSD can be physically and mentally debilitating and difficult to overcome.
A graduate student and co-author of the report found that: Women in their study who experienced repeated violent behavior had more trauma-related symptoms. These extras can imagine how this can simultaneously worsen trauma symptoms and make recovery from trauma much more difficult.
World Health Organization reports that 30% of women around the world experience physical or sexual assault in their lifetime, of which adolescents are most likely victims of rape, intentional rape rape or assault. Studies also show that up to one in five college students experience sexual violence during their school years. This problem won't go away anytime soon, and we must focus on prevention and justice for survivors - and the recovery of those abused.

3. Some solutions to help reduce violence leading to obsession in women in the long run

Strengthen the media information on the law on prevention of sexual violence, the law on gender equality, ... to help raise awareness and change behavior. In addition, gender equality education should be given in the family, or in society so that everyone has rights and obligations in their relationships. Women who experience sexual violence need to be aware of the signs Danger signs may come to themselves. Women experiencing violence must not keep the thought of resignation and acceptance so that the opposite person can harm themselves. Women should not be silent and allow frequent abuses to occur. You should report to the authorities when experiencing violence. You should also see a doctor or psychologist for advice on sexual violence to get treatment to help you avoid long-term obsessions in life. Psychological Clinic - Times City International General Hospital is one of the leading prestigious addresses in the treatment of psychological and mental health problems. The medical team at the clinic are highly specialized, many of whom are lecturers in psychiatry at Hanoi Medical University, capable of implementing psychological tests, in-depth psychotherapy, and providing support. effective aid in the treatment of diseases.
The clinic has a system of modern equipment, leading facilities in the country will bring the best service to patients, increase treatment efficiency.

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Reference source: webmd.com

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