Restless leg syndrome: Diagnosis and treatment

Restless legs syndrome is a phenomenon where the legs are always in a state of wanting to move, due to a disorder of the nervous system. Although this syndrome is not dangerous, it affects sleep, making patients not sleep deeply, thereby making the body tired and gradually leading to many health problems.

1. What is Restless Legs Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome is known as Willis-Ekbom disease. The syndrome is related to a disorder of the nervous system, causing uncontrolled nerve impulses down the legs, causing the legs to always be in a state of wanting to work, especially when in a sitting or lying position.
Restless legs syndrome occurs in both men and women, with all ages, even children can have this syndrome. Middle-aged people and the elderly are two subjects at greater risk of severe disease. The disease is considered curable if detected early and properly diagnosed.

2. Symptoms of Restless Legs Syndrome

The most recognizable symptom of restless leg syndrome is that the patient feels restless, uncomfortable, itchy like a needle in the leg, sometimes feels discomfort in the arms, other parts can't be controlled. have to move the foot to be more comfortable. The disease usually manifests itself more clearly in the evening and at night and is mildly reduced in the morning.
Currently there is no specific diagnostic test for restless legs syndrome, but doctors can diagnose the disease through exclusion based on the results of blood tests and other tests of the patient.
In addition, based on clinical symptoms, medical history, genetic factors, drug use problems, ... to be able to make an accurate diagnosis and assessment.
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3. How to treat restless legs syndrome?

Currently, there are drugs to treat restless legs syndrome that work well, but the level of effectiveness in each patient is different. Some patients take short-acting drugs, then the disease returns to its original state. On the contrary, there are also patients whose condition does not show any signs of improvement.
Restless legs syndrome often causes uncomfortable symptoms, so it is necessary to treat the patient to help the patient have a good night's sleep and prevent disability due to complications. Ideally, patients need a combination of both drug treatment and home treatment.
Some current drugs commonly used to treat restless legs syndrome include:
Dopaminergi: Drugs that act on the neurotransmitter dopamine to the brain. Use Mirapex, Neupro, and Requip, Levodopa in patients with moderate to severe restless legs syndrome. Benzodiazepines: These are sedatives that help improve sleep, but the effect can make people tired during the day. Use Narcotic analgesics if the patient has a lot of pain. Some antiepileptic drugs, such as Tegretol, Lyrica, Neurontin, and Horizant. For patients with mild to moderate restless legs syndrome, it is necessary to maintain a scientific lifestyle and healthy habits such as:
Gentle foot massage Sunbathing or you can stick hot and cold sheets on your feet Helps reduce pain in legs Regular, gentle exercise Create good habits such as sleeping on time, getting enough sleep Should stop using caffeinated and alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer, quit smoking Treating other conditions that affect restless legs syndrome will also help relieve symptoms.
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Although restless legs syndrome is not too dangerous to health, it causes many obstacles and difficulties in daily life. Therefore, treatment is essential.
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