Identify early signs of hydrocephalus

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Hydrocephalus causes many dangerous complications, threatening the health and normal development of children. Early detection through signs plays an extremely important role in the treatment process. The signs of hydrocephalus vary from person to person. Below are signs of hydrocephalus with each specific object.

1. Signs of hydrocephalus in babies

Abnormally large head circumference: Measuring a baby's head allows an indirect test of the baby's brain weight gain and the circulation of brain fluids. The first measurement of the head circumference is considered the starting point to be compared with the following measurements, to detect too fast or too slow growth of the baby's head circumference.
How to measure: Use a tape measure to wrap around the child's head, in front of the forehead (the highest point), the side (above the ears) and then pull it straight back, in cm. If you suspect that the baby's head is showing signs of being bigger than normal, measure the baby's head circumference to compare with the normal growth of the head as follows: about 32cm at birth, 46cm at 1 year old, 48cm at 2 years old , 49cm at 3 years old, 51cm at 7 years old, 52cm at 12 years old.
fontanelles stretch and bulge; Thin scalp; Split bones in the baby's head (detected by X-ray); Scalp veins emerge; Vomiting, drowsiness, excitability; The baby's eyes are slanted downwards (sunset eyes); Convulsions, or loss of appetite.
Kích thước lớn bất thường của vòng đầu là dấu hiệu của não úng thủy

2. Signs of hydrocephalus in children

Abnormally large head circumference: measurement of head circumference is the same as for infants; Headache, nausea, vomiting; Blurred or double vision; Balance disorders; irritability, drowsiness, slow walking or talking; Poor coordination, personality changes; Inability to concentrate; Loss of motor function, sensation; Convulsions, or loss of appetite; Older children may have difficulty staying awake or waking up.

3. Signs of hydrocephalus in young and middle-aged people

Headache; Difficulty staying awake or waking up; Loss of coordination or balance; Bladder control problems; Impaired vision and cognitive skills can affect job performance and personal skills.
Nhức đầu là một trong những dấu hiệu nhận biết não úng thủy ở người lớn

4. Signs of hydrocephalus in the elderly

Loss of coordination or balance; gait disturbance; Memory loss, headaches, or bladder control problems. Hydrocephalus is usually classified by age group or divided into congenital hydrocephalus and normal pressure hydrocephalus.
Congenital hydrocephalus associated with the condition at birth; Initial symptoms include headache, nausea, vomiting, and drowsiness. Normal-pressure hydrocephalus is an increased accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid that causes the ventricular system to dilate, with little or no increase in pressure. Adult-onset normal-pressure hydrocephalus mainly occurs at age 60 or older. Patients often get misdiagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or dementia due to some of the symptoms confusing the two diseases.
In summary, signs of hydrocephalus often manifest differently in each person. For children, the most recognizable manifestation is the baby's head getting bigger, the fontanel is wide and swollen. Children often cry, poor suckling even vomiting, eyes are always looking down (sunset eyes), hands and feet may be soft and less flexible. If mothers find that their child has similar signs, they should take the child to the hospital for a timely diagnosis and treatment.

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