Himmelbach's addiction rating scale

The Himmelbach addiction rating scale is effective in assessing the effectiveness of acupuncture cessation support treatment for patients addicted to opioids (CDTP). The Himmelbach scale is based on 12 symptoms with mild, moderate and severe levels.

1. Himmelbach's addiction rating scale

The Himmelbach addiction scale was first introduced in our country through a study to evaluate the supportive treatment effects of acupuncture in cutting addiction on patients addicted to opium and heroin. This study was carried out by Professor Nguyen Tai Thu and colleagues at the Institute of Acupuncture.
After that, the Himmelback scale continued to be used in studies evaluating the supportive effects of other traditional medicine remedies in opiate withdrawal syndrome. Since then, the Himmelback scale has been added and improved. Assessment of addiction by this improved Himmelback scale was first used in the second research report on the effects of Cedemex on patients addicted to opitats at the Central Hospital of Traditional Medicine. The authors have based on the original Himmelback scale, adding 4 more common and characteristic symptoms for Vietnamese patients: tachycardia, paresthesia, hyperthermia, craving for drugs but at the same time. also omitted 7 symptoms not present in DSM III-R and ICD 10: fatigue, chest pain, back pain, headache, dry neck, hypertension, hemorrhage, coma.
The Himmelbach addiction scale is used to assess the progression of withdrawal syndrome, the degree of withdrawal syndrome to plan appropriate care and treatment for patients with withdrawal.

2. Assess the level of addiction based on the Himmelbach scale

The principle of building a rating scale for Himmelbach addiction is based on the degree of lightness or severity and the nature of each symptom to give a score (lowest 1 point and highest 3 points), not based on the frequency of occurrence of the symptoms. symptom. Monitors will record daily progress of withdrawal symptoms, statistics of symptoms that have appeared at the end of treatment. Based on that, followers will give a score on the Himmelbach scale and rank the level of addiction according to the standards of each scale.
Here is the improved Himmelbach addiction rating scale
STT Triệu chứng Điểm
1 Ngáp 1
2 Chảy nước mắt, nước mũi 1
3 Tăng thân nhiệt 1
4 Toát mồ hôi, ớn lạnh nổi da gà 2
5 Thèm chất ma túy 2
6 Đau mỏi các khớp 2
7 Mất ngủ 2
8 Tiêu chảy 2
9 Mạch nhanh (> 90 lần/1 phút) 2
10 Buồn nôn, nôn 3
11 Dị cảm (dòi bò trong xương) 3
12 Giãn đồng tử 3
Tổng số điểm 24

If < 8 points, it is a mild addiction. A score of 8 to 16 is moderate addiction. If more than 16 points, addiction is severe.
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