Acute prostatitis due to bacterial infection

Prostatitis is a common disease in men, especially the disease is common in men aged 40 and over. Symptoms of the disease are very similar to those of vaginitis, cystitis... If not tested carefully, it is easy to confuse.

1. Causes of acute bacterial prostatitis

Prostate gland is a special gland, it is found only in men. The prostate gland is located in front of the rectum, just below the bladder, and surrounds the urethral canal, in front of the pubic bone.
Inflammation of the prostate gland is a disease that occurs commonly in men, can occur at many different ages, but most often in the age of 40 or older, or maybe younger.
The leading cause of acute prostatitis is bacterial infection. Due to a number of clinical organs such as: Proctitis, vasculitis, epididymitis, orchitis, urinary tract infection ....inflamed, then spread to the prostate gland, causing infertility. infection in this organ.
In addition to bacterial infection, the cause of acute prostatitis can also be due to smoking habits, drinking alcohol or irregular sex....
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2. Symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis

Patients with acute bacterial prostatitis often have sudden onset of symptoms, accompanied by other manifestations such as high fever, chills with nausea, vomiting.
Some common symptoms in patients with acute bacterial prostatitis include:
The patient has a feeling of chills, chills, headache When urinating, pain or burning sensation Difficulty urinating or Urination Frequent urination, nocturia, cloudy urine, bloody urine, pain in the pelvic area, pain during ejaculation, blood in the semen Discomfort in the testicles, scrotum pain Lower stomach pain, sometimes pain Lower back, then down to the leg Pain in the scrotum and anus Pain-like symptoms may appear due to viral infection If detected late or not promptly treated acute prostatitis , the disease will quickly turn to the chronic stage, and at the same time cause dangerous complications such as:
Prostate abscess Fibrosis forms, leading to acute urinary retention The patient may have epididymitis. testis, endocarditis if acute prostatitis persists. If the disease is severe, it can cause sepsis, which can even be life-threatening.
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3. Diagnosis of acute bacterial prostatitis

The doctor will perform an assessment, which will include a general examination and a variety of diagnostic tests:
3.1 Symptom Questionnaire The patient will be asked to complete an NIH (prostatitis symptoms) questionnaire. Chronic paralysis Index) prescribed by a doctor. This form includes various requirements related to pain, discomfort, urination, and symptom effects. The doctor will diagnose and monitor the effectiveness of the method based on the total score.
3.2 Rectal Examination The doctor examines the prostate gland by gently inserting a lubricated finger into the rectum during a rectal examination. This way, the doctor will be able to feel the surface of the prostate and assess for stiffness, enlargement, or inflammation.
3.3 Urine and semen tests To help establish a diagnosis of prostatitis, your doctor may evaluate urine and semen samples for bacteria and white blood cells - an important component of prostate cancer. immune system. During and after massaging the prostate with a lubricated gloved finger, your doctor will likely do a series of urine samples.
3.4 Cystoscopy The doctor will perform an examination of the urethra and bladder. This test helps rule out other problems that may be causing the symptoms.
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4. Treatment of acute bacterial prostatitis

For patients with acute prostatitis, the usual treatment is antibiotics.
The doctor will prescribe the right drugs for each patient, depending on the severity of the disease and the patient's health condition. Therefore, patients absolutely must not buy drugs or use other people's prescriptions for self-treatment because this can cause you to suffer serious consequences.
Besides, the patient needs to rest on the bed, sit soaked in warm water, have to drain urine if urinary retention.
To prevent acute prostatitis caused by bacterial infection, you should:
Regularly clean the body every day, especially the genitals Avoid affecting blood circulation to the prostate gland, do not should sit for too long for many hours Have sex reasonably, in moderation Avoid overwork, not fit with strength Avoid using stimulants such as: beer, alcohol, tobacco,... Implementation a reasonable diet Regular exercise and sports Any questions that need to be answered by a specialist doctor as well as if you have a need for examination and treatment at Vinmec International General Hospital, you can Contact Vinmec Health System nationwide or register online HERE.

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