14 things no one tells you about aging

Older people will have great changes in the body and can call it aging or aging. These changes can be mental, emotional or physical. The following article will introduce readers to 14 things about aging.

1. What is aging?

Aging is the change of the body over time. As people age, there are many changes in the human body in both men and women. This change greatly affects the life and health of the elderly.

2. 14 things no one tells you about aging

2.1 Intelligence

When people are young, people have learned and discovered a lot of things and everyone has their own intelligence. And a special thing is that human intelligence will still be maintained in old age, it will continue to be maintained even at the age of 65 or 70.
In addition, older people have a lot of experience accumulated in life should learn to be able to give many opinions. These comments are very useful in these cases. To make suggestions it is a matter of listening and paying attention. Elderly people are very attentive in conversations, listening to the opinions of others. Thus, the body ages but the mind does not.

2.2 Less anger

Along with physical changes, people's psychology also changes as they age. According to many studies, old people tend to be more relaxed, comfortable and less angry when they get old, especially after 60 years old. People with a lot of anger age faster than people who are less irritable and more comfortable.
There is still no research to clarify this trend. However, older adults can better control their emotions and focus more than younger people.

2.3 Better Interaction

Older people are very good at listening to other people's words and feeling the other's thoughts. Thus, increasing the ability to interact with people around. In addition, they are also the link that connects everyone around - family members or colleagues.

2.4 Better sex

According to a study in women 40 years of age and older, researchers found that sexual satisfaction improves with age. Women over 80 years of age have a higher need for sex and satisfaction than those from 55 to 79. Thus, as the body ages, sexual needs will also change.

2.5 Change of taste

In the elderly, due to many factors such as drugs, diseases, allergies, ... that there is a change in smell and taste. This greatly affects their lives, especially eating. That has a great impact on that person's health. This change can cause the elderly to eat more salty or eat less. If you feel the dish needs more seasoning, instead of adding salt, add a little olive oil, herbs (rosemary and thyme, garlic, onion, chili or mustard) can help you. feel better.
thế nào là lão hóa
Giải đáp thế nào là lão hóa?

2.6 Changes in hair, hair

When people get old, their hair, eyelashes, beard, ... begin to change. This change is not only in color but also in quantity and position.
In the elderly, due to hormonal changes, their hair and hair turn white. This change will make people age rapidly. In addition, hair will also gradually become less and appear in strange places such as on the face, ears, chin (in women).

2.7 Morning people

According to research, older people tend to sleep earlier and wake up earlier than younger people. In addition, they often wake up several times at night. However, they still have a good night's sleep.
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2.8 Migraine relief

This is also a thing as the body ages. Middle-aged people, the rate of migraine is very high. However, as you age, this percentage will decrease significantly. According to research in people over the age of 70, only 10% of women and 5% of men still have migraine symptoms. Migraine headaches are often accompanied by visual and olfactory disturbances.

2.9 Retirement

Old people are often thinking and lonely. Therefore, early retirement is not good. People who can do what they love will live longer and their lives will be happier and more meaningful than those who can't do what they love. If they retire, they can find themselves another light job according to their preferences to do in their retirement days. If they just sit around doing nothing, they will age quickly in mind and body.

2.10 Fear of falling

The elderly are very susceptible to injuries, bruises when hitting or breaking bones. This is a common mentality as the body ages. This is because the organs in the body have degraded, so their ability to endure and regenerate is poor. Therefore, the elderly are very afraid of falling and breaking bones. Because their bones are difficult to heal when broken. According to research, 1 in 3 people over 65 years old have this phobia and this is obvious.

2.11 Confident

In the elderly, self-esteem increases with wealth, education, good health and employment. But these will decrease after the age of 60. That is because at this age the body begins to have health problems and begins to find a new purpose in life after retirement.
In addition, the elderly will lead a healthier lifestyle. They work hard to exercise, eat healthy and get proper rest. This will reduce the rapid aging of the body.
thế nào là lão hóa
Người già sẽ chăm chỉ tập thể dục, có lối sống lành mạnh hơn

2.12 Less pressure

Old age is the age of rest, so they often have less thoughts and less pressure. Especially the elderly will be less angry, instead calm. This may be because older people have better emotional control and their life satisfaction is higher. They no longer want to jostle with life but want to enjoy the happy days of old age. Peace of mind will reduce the rapid aging of the body.

2.13 Changing height

As we often see people when they are young, they are tall and big but when they come home, they become small again. This is explained by changes in the spine. The spine is made up of discs, which are like water sacs containing synovial fluid. As we age, the fluids in these joints decrease, so the spine shrinks in size. Therefore, the elderly will become small again when they get old.

2.14 Shapeshifting

Older people will have changes in muscle mass. Fat mass and muscle will change position and increase due to limited movement. In particular, in menopause, fat will increase accumulation in the abdomen. But then muscle mass will decrease, the body will have significant changes in old age.
Thus, the elderly will have great changes when they get old. It is the psychological, emotional and physical changes that cause the body to age rapidly. Therefore, you need to maintain a regular diet and exercise regimen for good health.
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