Frequently asked questions about PET/CT at Vinmec Times City

Posted by Master, Doctor Dinh Van Thuyet - Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine - Vinmec Times City International General Hospital.
PET/CT is a method to simultaneously provide clear anatomical images of CT and images of early lesions at the cellular and molecular level of PET. Therefore, PET/CT has high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and is capable of detecting lesions and pathologies at a very early stage even when not detected on CT, MRI...

Question 1: Is PET/CT scan different from CT (computed tomography) or MRI (magnetic resonance)?

Answer: CT and MRI are diagnostic imaging techniques based on the anatomical structure of the body, helping to observe abnormalities in the shape, position and size of organs. PET/CT is a method that simultaneously provides clear anatomical images of CT and functional images at the cellular and molecular levels of PET, so PET/CT has sensitivity, specificity, high accuracy, capable of detecting lesions and pathologies at a very early stage even when not detected on CT, MRI...

Question 2: Why is PET/CT not widely known?

Answer: Although PET/CT scanning technique has been deployed in the world for more than 30 years. However, it is still very new compared to other routine diagnostic techniques. Thanks to its superior features compared to other routine imaging methods, PET/CT is becoming more and more popular globally. More than 2 million PET/CT scans are performed worldwide each year. The number of PET/CT scans is increasing rapidly. 90-95% of PET/CT scans are in cancer.
In Vietnam, PET/CT has only appeared for about 10 years in large public hospitals, but has made a significant contribution to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Vinmec Times City Hospital is proud to be the first private hospital in Vietnam to deploy this modern and accurate diagnostic technique.

Q3: Can I have a PET/CT scan, if I am allergic to contrast?

Answer: You can still have a PET/CT scan and you need to inform your doctor about your allergies so that you don't use contrast during the scan.
Bệnh nhân cần thông báo với bác sĩ tình trạng dị ứng trước khi chụp PET/CT

Question 4: Does the PET/CT scan have any side effects?

Answer: The patient will feel normal as there are no side effects. Do not restrict movement after shooting. Drink plenty of water a few hours after the scan. Avoid contact with children and pregnant women for 24 hours. You should talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Question 5: Is PET/CT scan painful?

Answer: Before the PET/CT scan, the patient will be set up an intravenous line to inject the radioactive drug, which is no different from other common injections, so there will be no excessive pain.

Question 6: Is there any preparation before PET/CT scan?

Answer: It is necessary to fast for 4-6 hours before the scan. Customers can drink water but no gum, soft drinks or anything with sugar. Rest and avoid vigorous physical activity, abstain from alcohol, coffee, and tobacco within 24 hours before the scan.

Question 7: Are there any special clothes for PET/CT scans?

Answer: Wear comfortable clothes, do not bring phones, jewelry, wallets, glasses, belts, keys, pens or metal objects into the photo booth.
Người bệnh mặc trang phục thoải mái, không mang tư trang khi vào buồng chụp PET/CT

Question 8: I have diabetes, do I need to pay special attention?

Answer: Patients with diabetes need to use medication under the guidance of a specialist daily before coming for the scan. If insulin is used, it must be given at least 4-6 hours before the radiopharmaceutical injection.
PET/CT scan is a very valuable technique in the diagnosis of cancer and neurological and cardiovascular diseases. Currently in Vietnam, this technique is only performed in large public hospitals. Vinmec Times City International General Hospital is the first private hospital in Vietnam to deploy this modern and accurate diagnostic technique. There is currently a SPECT/CT Discovery NM/CT 670 Pro system with the most modern 16-series CT of the world's leading medical equipment company GE Heathcare (USA), for high quality images, helping to diagnose early disease to investigate.
Vinmec's team of doctors and medical staff are experienced, well-trained at home and abroad, so they can advise and provide maximum support to customers during the shooting process, even for foreign customers. outside.
For advice on kidney scintigraphy, please contact the Nuclear Medicine unit hotline, Vinmec Times City International General Hospital: 0979 866 368 or register online HERE

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