Diary of being a 62-year-old father: "How many tears, sometimes I fell down because I died at 8 months in the womb"

After 10 years of arduous treatment, Mr. and Mrs. Tran Dai Nghia & Ms. Le Kim Khanh (Long Bien District, Hanoi) enjoy the happiness of being parents. Hearing the story of the couple's infertility treatment journey, everyone was moved to tears.

10 years of "finding children"

Nghia and his wife's small house is now always warm and joyful because of the appearance of Baby Rabbit - a gift from heaven for him and his wife after 10 years of "finding children". Holding the baby Rabbit in her arms, despite being busy, happiness is always full in the eyes of this retired couple.
10 years of "finding a child" I don't know how much money the couple has accumulated and their parents' support. But for him and his wife, expensive money, hard travel is not as terrible as the shocks and mental fatigue during that journey.
Nhật ký làm bố tuổi 62: “Bao nhiêu nước mắt, có lúc ngã khụy vì con mất lúc 8 tháng trong bụng mẹ"
Niềm hạnh phúc của vợ chồng anh Nghĩa sau 10 năm chữa hiếm muộn.

Siblings get married late. At that time, Khanh was 40 years old, and he was 52 years old. Infertility, they help each other go around major hospitals in the South and the North for treatment with all kinds of methods such as sperm injection into the uterus, in vitro fertilization, taking traditional medicine...
Nhật ký làm bố tuổi 62: “Bao nhiêu nước mắt, có lúc ngã khụy vì con mất lúc 8 tháng trong bụng mẹ"
Bé Thỏ - món quà vô giá

After a series of "frustrating" days at the hospital, Ms. Khanh was also pregnant. Every time she became pregnant, she had to stay in the hospital to maintain the pregnancy. But 3 times, she had miscarriages. The terrible shock was when the fetus was 8 months old in the mother's womb.
“My son died at 4 am, then at 11 pm, my mother also had a stroke and passed away. That terrible shock made me fall to my knees, really desperate, unable to think of treatment anymore. But later, with the encouragement of both sides of the family, the couple continued to rush into treatment", Mr. Nghia recalls emotionally.

You are a priceless gift

When coming to the Reproductive Support Center, Vinmec Times City General Hospital, listening to the couple's thoughts and treatment journey, the doctors could not help but be moved.
There was a time when she had low self-esteem because she knew that at this age, her success rate was lower than other patients.
Nhật ký làm bố tuổi 62: “Bao nhiêu nước mắt, có lúc ngã khụy vì con mất lúc 8 tháng trong bụng mẹ"
Lần đầu làm mẹ ở tuổi 50, chị Khánh được nuôi con hoàn toàn bằng sữa mẹ.

Deciding to come here, her only wish is to be a mother again. They only think about what they have to do to have children. Wiping away their tears, they understood that they needed to fight bravely in this battle.
Finally, a sprout of life was sown in her belly. Every day when she wakes up, she reminds herself to be happy and excited to overcome 9 months and 10 days. To keep her children, Ms. Khanh accepted to leave her job without pay. Mr. Nghia took care of his wife from A-Z by himself, not letting her do anything, even serving meals to his wife in the bedroom.
Nhật ký làm bố tuổi 62: “Bao nhiêu nước mắt, có lúc ngã khụy vì con mất lúc 8 tháng trong bụng mẹ"
Nhật ký làm bố tuổi 62 của người lính cụ Hồ có nhiều nước mắt. Sau bao nhiêu gian nan, cuối cùng anh chị cũng được hưởng trái ngọt.

Then baby Rabbit was also born with a weight of 2.8kg. The first time he held his baby in his arms when he was 62 years old, she was also 50 years old, he was moved to tears.
How many hardships, sweat and tears, sometimes it seemed that you fell down in despair, but with unyielding energy, you overcame to have the sweet fruit of today.
Nhật ký làm bố tuổi 62: “Bao nhiêu nước mắt, có lúc ngã khụy vì con mất lúc 8 tháng trong bụng mẹ"
Bé Thỏ trong lần tới bệnh viện tiêm phòng vắc xin khi được 2 tháng tuổi đã nặng 5kg

Although being a mother at the age of 50, the miracle is that Khanh is fully breast-feeding her baby. When baby Rabbit was 2 months old, when he went to the hospital for vaccination, he weighed 5kg.
You only hire someone to bathe your baby for a month, then bathe your baby yourself. The full-time "baby dad" learned how to take care of babies, memorized lullabies through videos, and took notes by hand.
A sibling's day goes by busy, but they don't get tired. The fairy tale of parents at retirement age is a proof that miracles will come from faith and extraordinary efforts.

According to Emdep.vn
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