Why do I have difficulty breathing, convulsions, coldness, fainting when crying?

Doctor, let me ask: Why do I have difficulty breathing, convulsions, coldness, fainting? Thank you doctor!
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Hello, the doctor would like to answer the question: "Why do I have difficulty breathing when crying, convulsing, cold, fainting?" As follows:
Some studies show that: When crying, especially crying for a long time, crying a lot, you may notice that your heart and lungs are not working properly. With episodes of crying, the heart and lungs will contract, the breathing rate will be extended and compressed for a long time. The lungs do not work rhythmically, they will not have enough oxygen for blood to return to the heart, and the heart will not provide enough oxygen for other organs, but especially the brain. Blood vessels in the brain do not circulate, lack of oxygen leads to headaches. This also explains why sometimes people cry, hiccup, or choke, can't breathe and even faint when crying.
Your level of fatigue may depend on how hard you “cry” – Crying reduces ventilation which in turn can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your brain. This will also make you feel more sleepy. Wish you a happy life. Laugh more.
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Answered by Doctor Vo Ha Bang Suong - Therapist - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Phu Quoc International General Hospital.

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