What type of cancer is thermotherapy used to treat?

I have heard of thermotherapy used to treat cancer. Can you give me specific information about this therapy and what cancer it cures?
Ngoc Mon (1986)
Hello! In the world, thermotherapy has been applied by many cancer centers in the US, Japan and Germany in the treatment of recurrent breast cancer, cervical cancer, head and neck cancer, bone and soft tissue cancer.. The results showed that when adding heat therapy with radiation or chemotherapy, the treatment response rate increased by an average of 50-67% (compared to 40% without the combination).
In Vietnam, the Center for Oncology - Radiation Therapy, Vinmec Times City International Hospital for the first time applied thermotherapy since October 2018. The therapy is combined with radiation therapy, chemotherapy and autologous immune-boosting therapy with many positive results, especially no side effects are noted.
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