What does PSA score in prostate diagnostic blood test mean?

I have prostate 63g, blood test, PSA total is 5.8 ng/ml. What does the PSA value in the prostate diagnostic blood test mean? If my index is as above, how far is the condition? What do I need to do?
Nguyen Duc Thang (1953)
Answered by Master, Doctor Le Phuc Lien - Urologist - Department of General Surgery - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.
With the question "What does PSA in prostate diagnostic blood test mean?" , the doctor would like to answer as follows:
Prostate size is not an indication for treatment (surgical or medical), so even if you have an enlarged prostate, you will not have lower urinary tract symptoms such as fainting, nocturia, weak urine, incomplete urination, ... or hematuria or recurrent urinary tract infections, ... do not need treatment.
PSA is a test to screen for prostate cancer. However, the specificity is not high, so it is necessary to check PSA again, do other tests to support the diagnosis. In short, you need to see a doctor to be examined and treated by a doctor.
If you still have questions about the PSA value in a prostate diagnostic blood test, you can go to a hospital of Vinmec Health System for further examination and advice. Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Wish you a lot of health.
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