Q: Often fainting after a head injury is a sign of what disease?

Hello doctor!
About 4 years ago I had tooth decay, the pain was terrible and I had to take painkillers continuously, sometimes every 2 hours because I couldn't stand it. The toothache lasted for about 3-5 months, then I used male medicine so there was no pain anymore.
Then I got kicked in the head and fainted. Since then, I have fainted once a year, this year, I fainted more often, almost once a month (once during Tet, once in March and once yesterday). Every time I was about to faint, my body broke out in a cold sweat, numb and gradually could not hear or see anything. Also, I don't know why but I often feel weak and shaky. Doctor tell me what's wrong with my condition? Ask your doctor for advice. I would like to thank you.
Vy (1996)
If you still have toothache, you should go to a specific doctor to treat it completely.
In the case of a stone falling on the head and fainting, you should go to a doctor of Neurosurgery, Neurosurgery and General Internal Medicine to be examined and have an accurate diagnosis, then the doctor will give specific advice. can give you directions for treatment.
Good health!
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Answered by Specialist Doctor II Nguyen Khanh Nam - Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Nha Trang International General Hospital.

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