Or the cause of insomnia with difficulty sleeping?

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Hello doctor,
My name is Tuan Khoa, 19 years old this year. Recently, I often have insomnia and have difficulty falling asleep, or wake up in the middle of the night, before, I didn't have it, but since the epidemic, I have stayed at home and haven't gone out. So, the doctor asked me, what is the cause of insomnia with difficulty sleeping? Is it because I stay at home a lot? What should I do doctor? I thank you.
Tran Phan Tuan Khoa (2002)
Answered by Master, Doctor Huynh An Thien - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine, Vinmec Danang International General Hospital.
With the question “What is the cause of insomnia with difficulty sleeping? ", the doctor would like to answer as follows:
Insomnia due to many causes, for you, since the epidemic, you stay at home a lot, you will have symptoms of insomnia, difficulty sleeping. Currently, you need to exercise a lot, eat a lot of green vegetables, drink a lot of water to improve blood circulation. If the condition persists, you should see an internal medicine doctor for advice and treatment.
If you still have questions about insomnia and trouble sleeping, you can go to a hospital of Vinmec Health System for further examination and advice. Thank you for trusting and sending questions to Vinmec. Wishing you lots of health.
Best regards!

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