Is stem cell transplantation effective in cancer treatment?

Please tell me, is stem cell transplant effective in cancer treatment? Is it necessary to keep stem cells from umbilical cord tissue when there are many people in the family with cancer?
Le Loi (1980)
Hello! Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation can successfully and completely cure some patients with the right type and stage of cancer. However, because Vietnam does not have a hematopoietic stem cell bank, the number of patients receiving treatment is not much.
Families with a history of cancer can save cord blood stem cells. But the rate of blood cancer is not too high compared to other types of cancer, so in fact, the ability to use it to treat patients is not high.
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Answered by Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Yi Hyeon Gyu - Head of Hematology and Cell Therapy Unit - Hematology and Cell Therapy Unit.

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