Can high blood pressure causing convulsions be reversible?

Hello doctor, this morning my mother has high blood pressure. While being taken to the hospital, she was speechless and had a convulsion. She was rushed to the hospital, the doctor there said her blood pressure was more than 500, convulsions for more than 2 hours and gradual lowering of blood pressure. She is not awake yet. Can the doctor diagnose my grandmother High blood pressure causing convulsions is reversible? If I wake up, will my grandmother have any symptoms of anomalies?
Chung (1991)
My mother had an emergency with hypertensive crisis, that is, high blood pressure with nerve damage is a target organ damage (Convulsions are the result of sudden cardiac arrest). stroke). Doctors at the hospital need to do in-depth tests to find out if the stroke is ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke in order to guide further treatment for the mother. Currently, my mother has not yet woken up, showing that she is seriously ill, whether the problem of recovery or leaving sequelae depends on the extent of the target organ damage, the accompanying underlying disease, and her health. The resuscitator who is treating your mother will let you know the results.
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Answered by Master, Doctor Le Thi Minh Huong - Department of Resuscitation - Emergency - Vinmec International General Hospital Nha Trang.

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