Can acute bronchitis be cured?

Hello doctor. Doctor let me ask if acute bronchitis is severe, can you treat it completely? Thank you doctor for sharing information.
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Hello. Acute bronchitis is an uncomplicated respiratory tract infection. Up to 50% of cases of acute bronchitis do not require treatment but resolve on their own. However, there are also some cases of acute bronchitis that require antibiotic treatment. Such as the case of patients with acute bronchitis with evidence of bacterial disease (sputum green, yellow sputum, purulent sputum) or cases of acute bronchitis in people at risk of bronchitis with heart and lung disease , kidney, liver, neuromuscular, immunocompromised. Acute bronchitis in a 65-year-old with an acute cough or a patient over 80 years of age with 1 or more signs of hospitalization in the previous 1 year, type 1 or type 2 diabetes, history of congestive heart failure , currently taking oral corticosteroids.
If you have acute bronchitis, you should arrange a time to go to a reputable hospital to check and determine your condition. Thereby, the doctor will advise and give specific treatment directions. Thank you for submitting your question to Vinmec Health System.
Consulted by Dr. Tran Thi Diem Trang - Respiratory Internal Medicine - Department of Medical Examination & Internal Medicine - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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