Are prostate cysts dangerous?

Hello Doctor! I went for an ultrasound. The result is an 18x17 mm PROVEN FUNCTION. Is that dangerous? Is there any effect on fertility? And how is the treatment? Thank you!
Le Hoang Quan
Causes of prostate cysts are many: congenital, inflammatory, parasitic (helminthic cysts), or secondary damage such as fibrosis of prostate soft tissues, multiple most of them are benign and self-healing.
However, prostate abnormalities have an impact on reproductive health. In the short term with such a size and no symptoms, you should closely follow up every 3-6 months with an ultrasound examination. If there are complications such as urinary disorders, ejaculation disorders, pain, inflammation, the doctor will consider the use of drugs, aspiration or drainage of the abscess.
Answered by Doctor of General Surgery - Vinmec Central Park International General Hospital.

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