Campuses and Clinics Specialities Anatomic pathology in Vietnam (Page 1)

What is Anatomic pathology ?

Disease surgery is the basis for performing biopsies, cytology and autopsies as required by the clinical block. Faculty is responsible for receiving, cutting and filtering specimens, dyeing specimens, reading the medical anatomical and diagnostic specimens. Activities of the department include: cytology examination; histopathological diagnostic tests to identify and classify pediatric diseases and cancers; cold biopsy for congenital colitis surgery, tumor surgery and cancer; cervical cancer screening on vaginal smear, ...
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    Vinmec Times City International Hospital is the first hospital in the Vinmec Health System chain to be put into operation. Located in the most modern and luxurious Times City urban area in Hanoi, Vinmec Times... View more
    458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi (distance km)
    Resuscitation - Emergency department, Anesthesiology - Pain Treatment department, Anesthetics, Department of Musculoskeletal, and 35 other specialities
    272 doctors

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